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To Blog Or Not To Blog

I feel constantly out of touch with social communication expectations. Facebook, Whatsapp and good old fashioned texting I get.
When I took my first leap in to the somewhat unknown world of Instagram, I fell in love. Instagram became an addiction, I suddenly forgot the ‘social’ side of sharing photos, it became an enchanting, adrenaline boosting mix of narcissism and voyeurism. I was mezmerized by it, taking shot after shot, using hashtag after hashtag in order to increase views and followers. I was searching similar images to compare contrast, brightness and vignette (I hadn’t even heard the term ‘vignette’ before, but now, my life seemed to revolve around giving photos a shaded edge!) After a few months of this intense self indulgence, I took a step back and thought, from a slightly less narcissistic view point, I could use Instagram to help highlight issues and plights that I feel strongly about and somehow increase awareness and get people talking, it’s what social communication is all about, right?

Once again it became an addiction. I was photographing every meal I ate, thinking about food and restaurants like a critic rather than the humble backpacker I truly am, and again it was a dominating factor in my day to day life. But, I was happy, I was passionate and I was centering my focus and attention on something I love. Vegetarianism. I didn’t feel like I had something to prove or show off about, this wasn’t coming from a personal, egocentric place, it had developed out of my genuine compassion for animals and my love of healthly eating. And yes, I do still strive for that fantastic photo and I will always want more likes and followers, but, it no longer comes down to personal gain. It’s altruistic, I want people to embrace a plant based diet, I want them to understand the benefits of going green and cutting out animal products, I like knowing that there are people out there that feel exactly the same way as I do, it comforts me that vegans and vegetarians on Instagram support one an other and are happy to share food pics and encourage new ventures. It’s not selfish, it’s social. And I love it.

Instagram is where Without Cruelty was born, it had a pretty easy childhood but it was suggested to me many (many) times that I should start a blog. That ‘blogging’ is the future and that everything was heading in that direction. Everything except me…

My list of acceptable means of social media and communiation has grown slightly (I find Pinterest quite stimulating, I use YouTube for their extensive collection of exercise and yoga videos and the allwomenstalk app is always worth a flick) but blogging still seemed alien, foreign, difficult! I questioned the logic, what would I write? Who would read it? Where do I start? How do I start?

A few months passed, I browsed Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress. The word ‘blog’ was slowly making its way into my vocabulary and it no longer felt uncomfortable or intimidating or something that other people did, techy people. Maybe blogging is the future afterall.

As I sit here now, writing my first blog and contemplating dinner, I am still asking myself those questions, but one thing has changed, my outlook. Blogging isn’t scary or particularly hard and if no one reads it, well, who cares? I’m putting myself out there for the benefit of animals everywhere. I’m following my heart and taking another leap into the unknown, and who knows, I may develop another social media addiction!

Blogging is like having a conversation with the world, if only one person reads it, I’ll be a happy girl. Check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram for more info ✌❤

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