Vegetarian Culture


Today has been a lazy Saturday. When I wake up to grey skies and raindrops I instantly think, pyjamas, tea and trashy eighties films. On this occasion though I swapped Ferris Bueller for my tablet and decided to spend the day reading blogs, researching my next blog post and looking at pictures of food on Instagram! So while snuggled up on the sofa, cup of tea in hand and pjs on, I let my mind explore the possibilities of new food ventures. And to be honest, I was taken in a different direction than I expected to go on.

photo 1-3

There were a couple of blogs I really really enjoyed, for different reasons, but ultimately they were moving, inspiring and for anyone that wants to move towards a plant-based lifestyle, a great place to start.

Firstly there’s its tips and tricks to get you started on a vegan lifestyle. It includes Juliane’s personal story, a typical vegan shopping list and the blog itself is cool with a nice, easy to use layout. I fell in love with this blog while reading it. Steph from Texas has put so much of her heart and soul in to it, she really takes you on an emotional journey. The images are great, the recipes are yummy and the quotes make you want to pratice mindfullness every day. awesome! Just awesome! It’ll make you wanna have tofu for dinner. Everyday πŸ™‚

I’m sure there are a million more great veggie blogs out there but these were the few that gave me goosebumps, got my imagination working over time and got my culiary senses to shift up a gear.

While checking out Instagram and generally moving from web page to web page I found myself having to Google quite a lot of terms and phrases. I always thought my food knowledge was pretty up to date, but a few of these so called ‘crazes’ and gastro-experiments had me both intrigued and perplexed. And food seems to be moving in such exciting circles these days. There are so many inventive and creative things to do with the humble vegetable that makes me certain a Veggie Revolution is on the cards!

Kimchi, it sounds so simple and the Koreans have been singing its praises for years but it seems everyone else has only just caught on to this fermented cabbage dish. It’s popping up on Instagram, its on dozens of menus I’ve browsed through and it’s healthy to boot.

Staying on the cabbage theme, Mexican cabbage? I’ve seen people using cabbage leaves as tortilla wraps and tacho shells, this is just amazing and so different and has that thinking outside the box flare that puts a huge smile on my face.

Chinese Bing Bread, very similar to an Indian Roti or a Turkish flatbread, this Chinese bread is made using wheat flour and can be eaten sweet or savory. There are recipes cropping up all over the web, personally I would try as they offer a really extensive variety.

Cauliflower is definitely the new black. Whether its cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash or cauliflower steaks over in California its all about the caulifower! And I love it. I can’t wait to get on board with this new trend.

photo 2-3

So, this is how I spent my Saturday, its just gone 8pm here in Melbourne and overall its been a great day. I’ve been educated in the culinary arts and read some very interesting blogs, I’ve had numerous cups of tea and I’m a very hapy girl 

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