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Winter in Melbourne

I love cities. The hustle and bustle, the abundance of convenient stores, the different cuisines on every street, the 24 hour lifestyle.
Melbourne is no different to any other city I’ve visited, therefore I feel quite at home here. The constant buzzing of traffic outside the windows, a chorus of horns sounding and the distant ding ding of a Melbourne tram, if I was anywhere but in a city these insentient noises would be driving me insane, I’d be longing for the calming sound of the ocean, birdsong or a gentle breeze swaying the leaves on of a tree. But here, it’s part of the package and I feel akin to it.

2015-06-25 15.45.46

The cold weather however, is a totally different experience!
I spent last winter (August) in Brisbane, and boy, I thought that was a little chilly, I certainly didn’t expect the possibility of snow this year. Maybe it’s just me and my ignorance, but I thought the sun always shined here in Australia. When I packed my bags before heading out to this exotic new dream world, the thought of bringing ‘warm clothes’ didn’t occur to me. I was far more interested in bikins, dresses, shorts and sandals. This year the idea of buying jumpers, coats and boots is still just a passing thought. As cold as I am, I’m just layering. Heavily. As a backpacker I have to think prior to every clothing purchase, I literally have to carry everything I buy on my back. And I’m not particularly strong. That isn’t to say a plant based diet doesn’t make you strong! It just makes you realistic! For now I have a capsule wordrobe that consists of 6 pieces that I mix and match and that will have to do until I start seeing sunshine again.


My Melbourne ‘To Do List’ is in full swing and I’ll be posting individual blogs tracking my experiences, good and bad, within this wet, cold and windy city. As in any city I’m sure there’ll be lots of fun to be had and lots of tasty, meat-free meals to be eaten. As long as there’s plenty of tofu, I’ll be a happy girl. Please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌❤


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