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Happy Cow, Happy Girl

HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide

Life is so much easier when you have the right tools and equipment to aide and assist. An umbrella as it begins to rain, a stick of gum after a few glasses of champagne and your smartphone for, well, everything and anything. I recently came across a new (to me) website called Happy Cow and it is on the cusp of changing my life! As a veggie it can be a little bit frustrating at times finding a restaurant that will offer more than one ‘token gesture’ meat-free option, this website takes all of the frustration out of these situations, and provides a simple, easy to navigate site that will make you smile and feel really warm inside. Even on a cold Melbourne day.

As you might already know, I’ve been based in Melbourne for the last few days and my main objective while I’m here is to explore the city and eat as much food as humanly possible. Melbourne is known as the Foodie Capital of Australia so I need to take advantage of this prestigious status and not only embrace it but understand its foundations and validate this title for myself.

Happy Cow has been such a useful resource; you simply choose your location, your specifications (vegan, vegetarian, stores ect) and it generates a detailed list of everything that’s close by. We (my bf and I) used it on Wednesday while out and about in the CBD. It had been an incredibly long day and the clock had only just struck 2pm, we were in dire need of a pick-me-up and it recommended a vast assortment of veggie friendly eateries. So many in fact it was proving difficult to pick one!

Supercharger: A healthy, wholesome, vegan, food court style café situated in the Emporium shopping precinct. (This, by the way, is next on my hit list!)

Gong De Lin: A vegetarian restaurant specialising in mock meat dishes.

Crossways: An all you can eat style buffet, is now 100% vegan and is affiliated with the Hare Krishna movement.

These were all really great recommendations and they were exactly what we were looking for, but in the end we opted for Gopals on Swanston Street. And I’m thrilled we did.

I was mesmerised by the vegetarian lasagna, it looked creamy, full of veggies and just what my growling stomach was craving. Made with a cashew cheese sauce, it came with two side salads and poppadums. It was quite tricky to decide on just two salads as there were six awesome looking options to choose from, I settled on the Indian chickpea medley and the beetroot and carrot slaw. It was a rainbow on the plate. And it didn’t disappoint.

I’m so thrilled to have found this website, it has made tracking down the perfect food choice so easy and in this fast paced, mile a minute city it’s exactly what I’m looking for, ease, practicality and taste-ability!

Thank you you’ve made me a

For more food pics and reviews please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram  ✌❤


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