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OM (NOM) Vegetarian…

Om Vegetarian was another amazing find on

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Situated within a tiny precinct on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, Om Vegetarian is truly a great place for lunch, dinner or just because. It’s an Indian all you can eat style restaurant that, for $6.50, offers its diners a 45 minute window to consume as many plates of delicious food as possible. Each plate is based on a traditional Indian thali, you get two curries, rice, a pickled lime and naan bread as standard, you can also purchase additional extras (poppodums, samosas, bahjis ect) for a few dollars each. Water is free, soft drinks are 2 bucks.

A mural from Om Vegetarian
A mural from Om Vegetarian

The dining room is small and often cramped, but the atmosphere is welcoming and lively, lots of people enjoying great food in a great city. The service is quick and plentiful, there is a continuous flow of waiters offering extra naan bread which really hits the spot. I’ve been here twice now, the first time I had a chana masala and a potato and TVP curry, served with the standard rice, pickle and naan. The chana masala was rich and the chickpeas retained a slight crunch which was lovely. The TVP was chewy and moist but rare, I mostly had chunks of potatoes which were nice but meant it lacked texture. I managed 2 servings, so it couldn’t have been that bad! The rice was clolourful, the pickle, far too sour for me and the naan, warm and buttery. They offer vegan naan too at your request should you require it πŸ™‚

Chana Masala and TVP & Potato Curry with rice, pickle and naan bread
Chana Masala and TVP & Potato Curry with rice, pickle and naan bread

The second time we visited, I was famished. Luckily it was approaching 3pm so the lunch time rush had reached a lul and there were only a handful of customers in the queue. The tables however were all pretty full, but we managed to squeeze in! This time I had (3 servings!) of the lentil dhal and the veggie curry. Both were really spicy and full of recognizable Indian flavours. I also treated myself to a couple of poppodums as they looked too crispy and mouthwatering to resist. Once again, everything was perfect. The service, the food, the price, the second and third helpings, not only was I bursting at the seams, I was also a very happy girl! For more yummy food pics please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram  ✌ ❀

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