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Saturday Soul Searching

There aren’t too many distractions here in Blairgowrie, it’s situated towards the very tip of the Mornington Peninsular, in Victoria, and without a car, it feels very remote. Serene, peaceful, tranquil but very remote. And I kinda love it! As a girl who enjoys and usually thrives on city living, I had a few reservations about spending two weeks here, but its intense, natural beauty swayed my decision and I’m so pleased it did. I’m enveloped by wild, rugged coastlines, lush, green nature reserves, tall, leafy trees, muddy, country roads, multi-coloured birds and I’m desperately keeping my fingers crossed that a pod of whales might, one day, make their way over to the back beach (I have heard that there were numerous sightings last week, gutted!) And I’m beginning to feel very much at home here.


Not only have I had the chance to observe, admire and contemplate nature at its very best, I’ve also had the desire and motivation to observe, admire and contemplate myself. I’ve, somewhat effortlessly, taken myself on a soul searching journey of discovery. I’ve opened my mind to deep thought and learnt to cherish those things that are important to me. Whether I’m watching the waves crash against the rocks down at Bridgewater Bay, stamping my way through the sandy pathways of the reserves or sitting quietly, feeling the warmth of the wood burner radiate heat across my body, I feel I’m in a state of meditation. I’ve been meditating a lot lately, unintentionally and almost unknowingly, it just happens, my breathing deepens and my mind wanders, the inner calm it brings is wonderful.


 photo 1270px-Welcome_to_Blairgowrie2015-07-31 12.12.32-2 

I’ve woken up early every morning this week, not with a groan but with a smile. The curtain-less windows bathing my face in sunlight, Jimmy the dog bounding into the bedroom, eagerly licking my face as he grapples for my attention, with sheer clarity my subconscious knows it, and I know it, this is happiness. I don’t know whether it’s the meditation or the freedom or this interruption free week, but I’m suddenly feeling an overwhelming and pure sense of happiness.  

Feeling happy and relaxed with the ocean breeze biting at my cheeks
Feeling happy and relaxed with the ocean breeze biting at my cheeks

I realise now, having given it some thought, that for me, nature equals happiness. Love equals happiness. Knowing you have everything you need in life equals happiness. And surprisingly it only took a few days in the country for me to realise this!


You might find that this blog post is a little off topic and somewhat detached from my primary focus, which is to promote a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet, but as well as driving food awareness, I would like to drive lifestyle awareness. I look at vegetarianism to be a lifestyle choice, not just a diet choice. Not only do I want to show compassion and love towards animals, I want to ensure I show compassion and love towards myself and my environment. I feel it’s important to embrace my emotions and acknowledge my surroundings. I try to appreciate the effects simple things like location and social interactions have on me and my psyche. Whether I’m spending time in a busy city or chilling out on a solitary beach, I want to understand the influence these landscapes have on me. I think it’s important to draw from all of your experiences and decisions – physical, emotional and spiritual, and let every choice you make play its part in your life and contribute to and beautifully compliment the sentient, happy person you are.

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