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White Tea

I have been drinking white tea for many, many years. It’s delicious, refreshing and packed full of antioxidants and I would love to draw everyones attention to this heart and soul warming elixir. Below are a few interesting facts that I feel will get you to swap your conventional black tea for a cup of natures finest πŸ™‚


White Tea contains the same types of antioxidants as both standard black tea and green tea but in much higher quantities. Antioxidants are vital to combat ‘free radicals’ in our bodies that can damage cells and lead to certain types of cancer and heart disease.

White Tea can help to lower your blood pressure. It has been shown to thin the blood and improve the function of the arteries.

One of the antioxidants found in White Tea is called catechins and it has been shown to reduce cholesterol. Another perk is that it helps to promote the good cholesterol in your body.

White tea is excellent for giving your immune system a boost. Especially important during this Melbourne winter to fend off coughs and colds.

I love this one! White Tea can aid and prevent acne. Antioxidants found in the tea, help to eliminate excess toxins and can keep your skin breakout and blemish free.

And above all, White Tea tastes awesome! It’s fresh and light and really lovely at any time of day. I like to add a squeeze of lemon juice to it first thing in the morning as it works as a great pick me up and antibacterial aide.

Black, White & Green Tea
Black, White & Green Tea

Why not try swapping your morning cuppa for a gorgeous White Tea and after a week, let me know how you feel! I promise you’ll feel great! ✌❀


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