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Dosa Plaza Shenanigans

Along with the usual joy and happiness that Friday always brings, this Friday brought with it an excting opportunity to try out a fabulous new vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne’s Camberwell at a fraction of the standard price, thanks to a very generous Scoopon deal. (Gotta love Scoopon!)

The Dosa Plaza is situated on Toorak Road and is a very simple tram ride from the CBD. It’s a fully meat-free restaurant and also offers a vast selection of vegan and garlic/onion free dishes. The menu is pretty epic and that’s what initially sparked my interest in the place. They offer a wide range of cuisines including Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and fusion along with an intriguing dessert and drinks menu.

This is the Dosa Plazas take out menu and the 'all you can eat' weekday buffet flyer
This is the Dosa Plazas take out menu and the ‘all you can eat’ weekday buffet flyer

I was so excited when I was handed the menu, in all honesty I didn’t know where to begin, there were about ten pages to look through, every new dish sounding as awesome as the last. 40 minutes later, I had finally decided.

I thought a dosa would be appropriate, we were in the Dosa Plaza afterall. I ordered a chilli dosa, which after the first bite I regretted as it was soooo spicy. An inferno was raging in my mouth, my eyes were watering and my tongue was burning . Luckily the salad and the dip that accompanied the dosa helped to put out the fire. The more I ate, the more my tolerance levels increased and I began to enjoy it. I couldn’t eat it all, it was huge, but it didn’t go to waste, my boyfriend happily finished it off!

mexi-roll-dosa rockey-mysore-dosa


 For my main I liked the sound of the Indo/Chinese menu. It’s been a while since I’ve had noodles so opted for the chilli, garlic noodles with mixed veg. (I’ll never learn!)  It was delicious, not too hot (thank the lord!) Perfect hints of garlic and fresh crunchy veg. The only thing it lacked was chop sticks. I like chop sticks.

I also had a basket of poppodums and a few mouthfuls of my lovely dates food. Tikka paneer on a bed of cabbage leaves and served with crunchy, shredded veg (from the Tandoor menu) and a bowl of schezwan noodles (from the Indo/Chinese menu)

Overall, it was lovely night out. Good food, good atmosphere and a nice location. I would love to go back and sample a few more dishes as it all sounds amazing, bring on the Scoopons!

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3 thoughts on “Dosa Plaza Shenanigans

    1. Hey, I would definitely recommend it! I loved every minute of it, from the quirky ordering system to the crazy 1000 dish menu. They do an All You Can Eat buffet Monday-Friday which could be an awesome way to sample a variety of food.


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