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Orcas & Dolphins, Oh My

Not too long ago I watched Blackfish. Personally, I thought it was awful. The flow, the editing, the interviews, I felt that the issue at hand could have (and should have) been highlighted in a much more clear and watchable way. The message behind the documentary, however, ‘Down with SeaWorld’ is something I’m very passionate about. I love animals, therefore, I hate SeaWorld. And thankfully I think (however badly shot) Blackfish is bringing this very important matter into the fore. There are people who are now seeing the cruelty behind the ‘laughter’ and are realising that SeaWorld is not a haven for orcas, it’s merely a prison. It’s a life sentence that no living creature should be subjected to in the name of entertainment.


There was a petition on asking SeaWorld to release ‘their’ orcas and dolphins into ocean sanctuaries that was signed by almost 27,000 people. And another asking them to end their orca captive breeding programme which has so far achieved almost 66,000 signitures. This is all very impressive but Seaworld are still trading. And at almost 100 US Dollars per ticket they’re obviously not struggling.

If you too have watched Blackfish and found the subject matter to be insightful and educational, I would highly recommend you watch The Cove. I saw it a few years ago, totally by chance, and found it to be one of the most emotive and harrowing things I have ever seen (and I’ve watched The Notebook numerous times!)


If you feel as I do and want to try to end this horrible cruelty, then please sign the below petitions

Sign here to ask Netflix to add The Cove to instant steaming

And please follow Without_Cruelty on Instagram and Twitter for more info✌❀

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