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2 Weeks of Meditation & Mindfulness

I’ve been really keen to get into meditation over the past few weeks. Apps were downloaded, schedules were cleared and I was ready to focus on mindfulness and emotional clarity. It’s actually been something I’ve wanted to do for ages now, but past ‘strange’ experiences have made me reluctant to sit still, close my eyes and let my mind be taken down a path of relaxation and spiritual soul-searching. But I’m finally ready and today marks two weeks of daily meditation sessions.

I scoured the Play Store and downloaded an assortment of apps, having then read several reviews I deleted most of them. The one that stuck was Calm. It’s easy to use, offers exactly what I want out of meditation and best of all, it was free!


It offers simple to follow guided sessions with a great choice of background music and visual stimulants to choose from. You also have a choice of session lengths to suit your requirements. I started off doing quite a simple 10 minute relaxation session and I’m steadily building myself up to full half hour ‘workouts’

I love the way meditation makes you think about your body, your breathing, your surroundings. It takes you on a journey of self-awareness, you become in control of every movement you make, every blink, every swallow, it’s like getting to know yourself and your habits and really understanding them. Just taking that time for yourself everyday makes you realise how important it is to focus on wellbeing from the inside. I have read so many blogs and articles that say meditation is vital to happiness and self-preservation, and to be honest, I’m beginning to believe the hype!


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