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Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations

This blog post is a work in progress. It was originally a ‘page’ on my site but having changed my theme and not being much of a techie I could no longer fit it into the menu section comfortably (I can hear laughter..) So here it is, my new and improved ‘Current Aussie Location’ section. As a backpacker I move pretty frequently, there’s lots to see and do in this fascinating country, so I’ll be adding to it a lot. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy experiencing it! For more info and my current location please check out my Instagram and Twitter β€βœŒ

Gateshead – Newcastle NSW

We are spending 2 nights in Gateshead prior to heading back down to Sydney. So far I’ve only seen it in the moonlight so I’m not sure what to expect. Our motel is on the Pacific Highway so I’m not expecting very much natural beauty, but you never know, there might be a good take-away somewhere…

Warners Bay – Newcastle NSW

So, we have said our goodbyes to Victoria and are back in the land of 20 degree winters and double decker trains. We had one crazy night in Sydney and are now in beautiful Warners Bay. It’s scenic, peaceful and has just enough veggie takeaways to keep me happy. We are about 20 minutes outside of Newcastle, so we’ll definitely venture into the city one day. We are here for 6 weeks so hopefully a lot of fun will be had.

Blairgowrie – The Mornington Peninsular

We have ventured south of the city and are currently residing in the beautiful town of Blairgowrie. It’s a 2 hour drive from Melbourne and boasts some of the most amazing scenery I’ve seen in Victoria. Lush, rolling landscapes, wild, rugged beaches and qaint seaside towns, this place is postcard perfect! I’m not sure what veggie opportunities these next 2 weeks will bring, but I’ll definitely be getting back to basics with nature and enjoying all the peace and quiet the countryside brings. Hopefully no scorpions will find their way in to my backpack, it’s rare, but apparently has been known to happen. Eek!

Altona – Melbourne

Saturday 18th brought with it sunshine, showers and another relocation. From the busy, people lined streets of Melbourne we took various modes of transportation and are, for now, happily settled in suburbia. Altona. I’m not entirely sure what the next few days will bring, but the fridge has been stocked, my reading list is ever increasing and Pretty Little Liars is now on Netflix, so whatever happens it will happen in front of the tv.

Melbourne CBD

In a few hours Newport will be but another happy memory in the life bank. We have taken the 15 minute cab ride into the CBD and here a new adventure awaits. With its plethora of funky restaurants, Cinatown and laneways there is bound to be some veggie delights. I’ve done (more) research and my list of ‘things to see and do’ is slowly becoming 18 pages, front and back!! A good time is bound to be had and blogged about. Watch this space

Newport – Melbourne

I’ve been here in Newport for about 3 weeks now, it’s a pretty cool place to be a veggie. There are some amazing fruit and veg shops 5 minutes away selling the most beautiful, fresh, produce at unbelievably cheap prices. I love making curries and stir fries so having this wonderful array of greengrocers on my doorstep is just brilliant.

I also keep hearing great things about an Indian restaurant that is fully vegetarian. It’s called Shalimar Food Junction and apparently operates from a service station on Mason Street. I’m eager to try it. I can’t say no to curry!


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