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2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

Air bnb… I’m still trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. As I sit here now typing, I’m inclined to say that I love it. The cool places we’ve stayed, the friends (well, two, but it definitely deserves a plural!) we’ve made and the paths less travelled we’ve walked down. On the other, slightly more pessimistic hand, I’m rolling my eyes and saying ‘ugh, not Air bnb again’

photo 5

Kerry and I have all but renounced hostels, yes, we are backpackers, but there’s only so many dirty bathrooms and non-vegetarian kitchens you can bear. Having said that, 50% of our Air bnb experiences have left quite a lot to be desired…

photo 2

Our first venture into the world of Air bnb was a modern and spacious granny flat in the southern Sydney suburb of Oyster Bay. A quaint village amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. The closest town was Jinalli, here you could jump on the train and be in the CBD in about 40 minutes. It boasted a glorious array of veggie friendy eateries and independent stores, which I love. We would never have known about this wonderful community if it wasn’t for Air bnb. The apartment was great, we were the first people to stay so everything was new and delicious. The host Anita, was friendly and accommodating, and we throughly enjoyed our stay.

photo 1

This was our rooftop/sea view from the balcony of our next Air bnb in St Kilda. We stayed in another small studio on Ackland Street, not entirely off the beaten track but a great location nevertheless. So many funky bars on the doorstep, Luna Park a short stroll away and the beach close enough to see. Unfortunately the accommodation wasn’t great; dirty pots and pans, greasy crockery and a back door that failed to close correctly. This led to a very chilly couple of nights and the almost thread bare duvet did little to keep us warm. We only stayed 4 nights, we indulged in a few take aways and wore layers to bed, things could have been worse!


Our experience in Oakleigh is one I will treasure. We stayed in a private room with an en suite. It came with its own living room and tv and we had shared use of the kitchen. The ower Dan was awesome. Friendly, kind and very accommodating. We shared a meal and a few glasses of wine one Saturday night, met his beautiful girlfriend Diana and gossiped the night away. Oakleigh is a vibrant, multi-cultural town outside of Melbourne. There were so many ethnic food stores and restaurants my heart almost skipped a beat! Here in Oakleigh we definitely ate too much, drank too much and ultimately made friends for life!

photo 3

photo 4

This was the view from our most recent booking. It’s Kirribilli, northern Sydney. Such a stunning location, 5 minutes to Milsons Point station, 10 to the harbour bridge and a stones throw to The Rocks. However, the studio apartment was awful. Dreadful. Horrendous. There are not enough adjectives to describe this place. It looked as if someone had been squatting here prior to our arrival. Dirty, unmade bed, fridge full of food, overflowing bin, washing up in the sink, yuck! We were definitely in the right place as the key was exactly where our host Ivan said it would be: behind the blue bird. I’m so glad we only stayed for one night!

I think overall we’ll continue to use Air bnb as it is a very convenient tool in our traveling arsenal. We must just remember to read reviews, ask questions and not expect toooo much. Feel free to share your Air bnb experiences, good or bad, below or via Instagram or Twitter βœŒβ€


2 thoughts on “2 Outta 4 Aint Bad…Right?

    1. Hi mrri0grande, Air bnb is a really useful way for people to rent out their spare rooms/granny flats/furnished sheds to weary travellers and adventure seekers!
      You go online, list your space and essentially it works like a hotel room. You offer a nighy rate, check in/out times like a hotel and say what services you can provide, ie television in the room, soap and shampoo, linen, wifi, ect
      It’s really handy for people like me who are on a budget, want to explore lesser known areas of a town/city and enjoy making new friend. Like I said it can be a bit hit and miss but overall it’s a pretty unique experience!

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