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The Humpback Highway

So each year the small coastal village of Eden on the Sapphire Coast, NSW, plays host to a huge variety of sealife including birds, dolphins, seals, and whales (including orcas) This amazing maritime migration has led to Eden becoming one of the greatest whale watching spots in Australia and a festival is held each year over the last weekend of October to celebrate the visiting wildlife. The festivities include a huge street parade, live bands, fireworks, street theatre, art exhibitions, whale watching tours, snorkeling experiences and boat trips around the harbour.


I first heard about this a couple of months ago and was totally smitten. Since being in Australia I’ve had my heart set on seeing whales in their natural environment and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tick something off my ever growing bucket list. I’ve done a bit of research in to why Eden is such a popular tourist destination for these sea dwellers and apparently it all begins in late winter….

Huge numbers of krill explode into the waters surrounding Eden, here the warm East Australia Current merges with the nutrient rich Arctic flow and the perfect environment is created. The temperature appeals to such a vast array of the marine population, it makes it the ultimate feeding ground. Geographically, it’s the last port of call before the Bass Strait, and the whales like to bring their young calves here to fatten them up before heading on towards Antarctica.

For years the locals have been calling Eden the ‘Humpback Highway’ as the sightings are so consistent. Many enjoy watching the whales from the comfort of their verandahs and shore based viewings from Edens rugged headlands and elevated look out points are practically guaranteed.


To me, the whole thing sounds so awesome, the whales, the dolphins, the street parade, but unfortunately I can’t go. And I’m devastated. I’ve been entrusted to look after 2 cats until November 15th in Wagga Wagga and a day trip is out of the question as the journey via public transport isn’t easily do-able.

photo 1photo 2-2

This is where you guys come in… please share your Eden Experience with me. If you plan on heading down there in a few weeks time please post pictures and stories and try not to make me too jealous! Also, if you have any tips or suggestions of where I can see any whales in Australia after November 15th please let me know via the comments, Instagram or Twitter βœŒβ€

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