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Food, Australia & My Humble Opinion

I seem to have spent a fair bit of time focusing on the travel aspect of Without Cruelty lately and I want to get back to basics a little now and talk about the fooood. I’ve decided to compile a list of great veggie eateries I’ve stumbled across during my time in Oz. So far I’ve only really experienced the east coast, so please please feel free if you want to add any recommendations for Adelaide, Perth or the NT πŸ™‚

Asian Inspiration

Whenever we venture in to Sydney’s CBD a trip to one of the Asian Food Courts is an absolute must. There are 2 that I favour, the first is below the platforms at Wynward Station, the second is on Factory Lane in Chinatown. Both offer huge veggie options, hearty portions and are very reasonably priced.

photo 2-3

The last time we were in Sydney (Wednesday 7th Oct) we opted for the Chinatown food court as we were staying in the Haymarket area. I got a big serve of rice, a ladleful of a braised tofu and vegetable curry, mixed vegetables and a portion of tempeh with spicy potatoes for $9.80. The price is generally the same at each booth, however, we have leant that if you visit after the lunchtime rush (say about 2.30 – 3.00) you can often get 3 dishes with rice or noodles for about a fiver!!!

photo 1-2

You can also grab yourselves some really amazing dumplings in these food courts, the choices are practically endless and the sauces are delicious!

photo 4

My favourite Chinese take away has been Delicious Noodle in Port Macquarie where the service was ace and the food was scrumptious. The veggie options were limited but the waitress told us any dish could be made vegetarian friendly which pretty much made my day. I ordered the Singapore noodles with tofu and extra chilli. I also got a side portion of spring rolls, because I’m a fatty.

Veggie Burgers, Wraps & Dawgs

Or The Dood Food Trio as I like to refer to them. Easy to eat, very filling and devoid of any kind of nutritional value. But hey, once in a while won’t hurt.

photo 5

I’ve had 2 really awesome veggie burgers while in Australia. The first was in PJ o’Briens in Cairns. The patty was so silky smooth, it was stuffed with salad (including cucumber which I thought odd, but was actually crunchy and yummy and not soft and soggy at all) and came with the obligatory side of chips. It was very moreish, the the venue was enjoyable too, live music, a fun atmosphere and outside seating.


The second was merely a few days ago in Wagga. The Victoria Hotel, a homemade veggie patty, fried to perfection, served on a (king sized!) bed of salad and sweet chilli sauce encased within a crispy on the outside soft on the inside Turkish roll. There was a lot of food here for $12 and the deal gets even better on Thursday evenings: burger, chips and a drink all for  $10. I know where I’ll be next Thursday ; )

photo 3

The falafel wrap in Mezbah, Lime Street, Sydney was definitely a treat. It was served on a wooden board with a side serve of fries. The wrap itself came toasted and full of yummy treats. Falafel, hummus, salad, spinach, what more could you want? It was really big too, it’s not often I don’t finish a meal but this one got the better of me and I had to ask for a doggy bag.

photo 1-3

Everyone loves a hot dog, especially us veggies and luckily Brat Haus in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane offer 2 vegetarian friendly options, whoop whoop! We’ve been here a couple of times (Scoopon were offering some very enticing voucher deals) and each time I’ve left feeling happy and full. The dawgs are freshly cooked, the buns are soft and warm and there are a lot of condiments to choose from to accompany your meal. I’m traditional, I always go for extra onions, tomato sauce and mustard, bingo! Well worth a visit if you can.

Indian Delight


The Dosa Plaza in Melbourne is a fully vegetarian restaurant that offers a crazy amount of food. Literally, the menu is about 30 pages long and everything sounds amazing. I went here a few months ago and was overwhelmed by it. It was incredible. The service was good, it has a strange ordering system but it was manageable, the food arrived quickly and was really tasty and I’m tempted to head back down to Melbourne for dinner tonight! I’ve previously blogged about the Dosa Plaza, click here to read more.

photo 3-2photo 2-4

Hello India in Nundah was a culinary treat and a half. We went here on Christmas Eve last year and were blown away by the choice on offer. 29 vegetarian main meals to choose from. The decor was a little sparse, the environment a little quiet and subdued, but the staff were attentive and the food was great. I was worried that the choice might out weigh the taste, but nope it was all wonderful, spicy and delicious.


I’m pretty happy to just put the whole city on the list. Melbourne = Food in my opinion and everything we had here was special. My 3 top tips for city would be Gopals, Om Vegetarian and Crossways. Each offer simple but gorgeous veggie fayre at such low prices. I’ve blogged about these restaurants (I’m using the term lightly, as they aren’t really restaurants in the traditional sense) before and my joy and happiness at finding such places, they really are worth visiting if you get the chance, if only for the all you can get naan bread at Om!


photo 2-3

I hope my list has been insightful and educational and if you get the opportunity to eat in any of the above places I’d really appreciate your opinion and feedback. Please check out Instagram and Twitter for more foodie fun and remember if there’s anywhere in Adelaide, Perth or the NT you feel should be on the list, do it! ✌❀

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