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Natural Beauty

Now that the sun is out in full force I thought it might be fun to take advantage of its rays and try to lighten my hair (my very dark, stubbonly brown hair) using a few natural ingredients that apparently work in harmony with the sunshine and create a lightening effect 🌞

Me and my very dark, thick, brunette tresses
Me and my very dark, thick, Β  Β  brunette tresses

Having read a few beauty blogs I have discovered that lemon juice, camomile and cinnamon are the best natural choices to use, so, I grabbed a camomile tea bag and made a nice cuppa tea, once that cooled down I added a tablespoon of cinnamon and squeezed in the juice of a lemon. I transferred the mixture in to a spray bottle and gave the whole thing a good shake.

I applied this mixture to my hair everyday for a week after washing it and topped it up numerous times throughout the day, especially before lounging in the garden. So far I have seen no change. Absolutely nothing. Annoyingly my boyfriends hair has turned a lovely sunkissed shade of blonde, without the help of any natural remedies, lightening spritzs or magic potions… I guess I’ll have to learn to love my brunette locks.

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