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Eco Atkins: Low Carb for Veggies

Since moving to Australia I’ve gained about half a stone in weight (7 pounds/4 kilos roughly) and I’ve been trying, like a beast, to loose it. But it’s proving very tricky. Over the past few months I’ve tried cutting back on ‘crappy’ foods and upped my daily exercise, but it’s had barely any effect. So, this is where the Eco Atkins comes in…




It’s basically a veggie friendly version of the standard Atkins diet, so refined carbs are banned, complex carbs and veggies make up the the bulk of your meals and good, healthy fats are king! It’s pretty common knowledge that expelling carbs from your diet is a sure fire way to loose the pounds, but as a plant based eater I was pretty dubious about what exactly this diet would consist of. I began preparing myself and doing a lot of research before embarking upon this new diet, unfortunately there is limited info on this topic online so I had to really sit down and educate myself on the matter. I am now a pro on macronutrients, complex carbs, refined sugars and can probably tell you the carb content of any vegetable!


As you can see, my diet back in May consisted of lots of rice, bread, potatoes and chips. I didn't realise carbs were my enemy back then


Before making the decision to go low carb for 4 weeks I made numerous meal plans, shopping lists and put all my newly aquired knowledge to good use. I slowly begun cutting out white bread (including pita, naan, wraps) and white rice as I began to realise this is where the I was getting the majority of my carbs. Believe me, it was hard guys! If you have ever visited my Instagram account you’ll know I’m totally addicted to both bread and rice.

I have compiled a list below of the foods that are ‘acceptable’ (for lack of a better word!) on the Eco Atkins plan. I’ve been playing about with recipes and ideas, trying to keep it interesting too, the last thing you want when trying to loose weight and keep motivated is boring, uninspiring food. I will write a seperate post on tasty, low carb meals to indulge in while untaking this feat (watch this space!)

Vegan Friendly


Beans, Legumes & Lentils
Coconut Milk
Nut Butter & Nut Milk
Seeds & Seed Meal

Dark Chocolate

Brussel Sprouts
Egg Plant
Green Beans

Berries (Frozen Work Very Well)

Lemon Juice
Lime Juice
Herbs and Spices (Especially Cinnamon)

Vegetarian Friendly

Eggs & Milk
Cheese – all kinds
Greek Yoghurt

Ok, so three days in I’m already a little lighter (whoop whoop) I’m feeling very motivated and much happier with myself. And to be honest, that’s pretty much my main goal.

As previously mentioned, I’m going to do a separate post on the foods I’ve been eating and the meals I’ve ‘created’ using the above list. I’ll link it here when I’ve done it, if you are interested in seeing what a veggie, low carb diet consists of. Here’s a little sneak peak…

Veggie Curry sans Rice
Veggie Curry sans Rice

Please get in touch if you have any tips or if you have tried this diet youself, I’d love to hear your experiences, or feel free to comment via Instagram and Twitter✌❤


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