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Gypsy at Heart: Update

With the arrival of summer here in Australia I thought I would update my Gypsy at Heart blog post with a special dedication to the hazy, sunny days that are headed my way. I usually just have a continuous flow of my current Aussie Locations and update them accordingly for your viewing pleasure, but fancied doing something a little different this time as I’m in such a prime location to enjoy these coming months. Also, having just checked, I haven’t updated that post since October, so yeah, pretty slow off the mark there! Sorry guys. However, if you are interested in where I’ve been and what I’ve seen since the last update be sure to check out Festivals, Flies, Food and Fun as it’s a fairly easy reading romp through the past couple of months….

Merewether Beach – NSW

Our home for the next month and a half, including Christmas and the New Year (serious yay!) is Mereweather Beach in NSW. It’s situated very close to Newcastle city centre and is only around 2 hours from the bright lights of Sydney (NYE anyone?)  The beach here is amazing, it’s a beach bums paradise. The waves are perfect for surfing, not that I’ve tried it, the sand is perfect for tanning, soft and light, and the esplanade is perfect for getting fit, a great walking location with lots of water fountains. I’m thrilled to be spending time here, it’s reminding me why I came to Oz in the first place, to chill out, enjoy the laid back lifestyle and see some amazing, breath taking sights.

Merewether Beach on a fine monday morning
The view I wake up to everyday

If you would like to have a read through my previous Aussie locations then please click the link below. I started this blog in June, so the post misses out basically a years worth of life, food and travel. If you would like to see more of my Aussie journey then please check out Instagram as that contains a lot more info, experiences and selfies…. Everyone loves selfies ✌❀

Gypsy at Heart: Ever Changing Aussie Locations 



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