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Brown, Orange, Blue, Blonde

A few months ago as the Aussie summer began shimmering its way in to sight, I blogged about my attempt to naturally lighten my stubbornly brown hair to a beautiful sun-kissed “bronde”. Unfortunately my efforts were short-lived as the power of lemon juice, camomile and cinnamon were no match for my dark brown tresses, so I gave up on the sun-kissed look….. for about 5 minutes.


I decided to use an ombre kit to achieve the ash blonde, summer sun, naturally lightened look I was going for. This was not one of my greatest moments as the bleach turned my hair orange and I was by no means qualified enough to rectify this situation. After about a million hours on the internet researching ‘ash blonde’ ‘orange hair’ ‘sun-kissed hair’ it became apparent that I had to tone, tone and tone again.  So I bought toner, lots of toner, purple shampoo, dry hair treatments, lightening gels, ash blonde dye, light ash blonde dye, I don’t even want to think about the cost to both my wallet and hair. My life basically consisted of dying my hair, reading about dying my hair and talking about dying for my hair for about 2 months. Even then after all my research and colouring attempts it was still feeling a little orange. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t perfect either.


Until….. I had a crazy idea about making a homemade blue toner. Yes, I was back on the somewhat natural track and kinda glad to be.  My hair was beginning to feel the effects of home dye kits and it wasn’t happy. I grabbed one of the many many conditioning treatments that I had from my numerous boxes of dye, squeezed it in to a plastic cup, added about 2 tablespoons of blue food colouring and mixed. Vigorously. I, quite apprehensively, applied the mixture to my hair and left it for about 15 minutes. During which I scrubbed my hands like a crazy woman to get rid of the blue. For some reason it washed off my head with pure ease, but my hands required a lot of sponge action. Be warned, if you choose to do this, WEAR GLOVES! Please.

So I left it on for about 15 minutes, and as I was rinsing it off I could already see a difference in the colour. There was blonde where there had previously been orange. Could a simple homemade solution that cost about 50 cents really be working better than anything else I’ve tried??  The answer was yes, it did! I finally achieved the look, the colour, the style I wanted and I have a bottle of blue food colouring to thank βœŒπŸ’™



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6 thoughts on “Brown, Orange, Blue, Blonde

  1. Hey! Great tip and a wonderful outcome! How did you come up picking a BLUE food colouring to turn your hair blonde ?? Why the Blue ? Do you know about the chemistry of this process ?? I’d like to try but I must say I need to understand it first :))) Thanks in advance!

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    1. Hey! Thank you! I was researching the colouring process and colour charts and realised that the (incredibly overpriced!!!) purple shampoos that I had bought were actually not the right tools for the job. Because my hair is so brown it has red-ish hints to it rather than yellow hints that the purple shampoos neutralize, when I looked in to it, it became apparent that I needed a ‘blue’ shampoo to tone out the orange that the bleach had caused. (If you need to tone out more red shades then use green) I couldn’t find any blue shampoos in the sleepy surfer town of Merewether NSW, so took the plunge and made my own! And it worked wonders, I still do it now, a year later, to keep my ombre looking fresh.
      The science is easy really, just Google hair colour toning chart, it’s basically a colour wheel that’ll show you exactly what colours neutralize other colours ie purple for yellow, blue for orange, green for red!
      Good luck, remember if you do give it a try, use about 5 parts conditioner to 1 part food colouring, don’t leave it on for too long, 10 mins max and wear plastic gloves!! πŸ™‚

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      1. Maxine, this is great, thank you so much for your so detailed answer! I’m gonna look into that chart and maybe I’ll give it a shot as you did. Love your blog by the way, keep experimenting and writing about it, this is all so fun! Happy new year πŸ™‚

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