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Living Like a Local

I’m a sucker for a local, community event. I love the spirit that resonates from local people getting together, supporting one and other and appreciating and endorsing their environment. As a traveler I generally don’t stay anywhere for longer than a month and that really bums me out at times. I’m not in one place long enough to create connections and feel involved, but nevertheless I love attending these local events and pretending, for that morning, evening or afternoon, I am part of the crowd. I’ve been to quite a few now, and whether they’re town festivals, craft days or markets, I’ve always had a fab time forging a sense of integration and commonality. And I love it!


Yesterday was no exception when I attended the Seacliff Beach Front Twilight Market. Nestled amongst the palm trees and situated ajacent to Seacliff beach where the views are beyond stunning, it was a dizzying mix of food trucks, craft stalls and live music. It was pretty busy as these  gatherings usually are, and I was excited by the sights, sounds and smells that entranced my senses. First we decided to browse the local business stalls and as we meandered through the throngs of people it was becoming apparent that becoming a-parent is a big thing here in Seacliff. There were A LOT of baby stalls: baby clothes, baby pictures, baby strollers, baby everything. There were also several jewellery stalls, homemade craft stalls and clothing stalls. Tote bags were another order of the day with each stall selling their own take on saving the environment.



We then made our way to the food and entertainment area and let our stomachs do the directing. We strolled from van to van, to the sound of a local acoustic musician singing an Incubus cover, seeing what vegetarian delights were on offer. I was pleasantly surprised actually as each van seemed to cater to different dietary requirements with ease. There were veggie burgers, veggie ziros, doughnuts, nachos, frozen yoghurt and chips, lots of chips.

image    image

The whole market had a really bustling, fun vibe. Children were playing, adults were laughing and the sun was slowly setting on the horizon. I had a great time, for that hour I felt like a local and even though I’ll probably never lose my gypsy spirit, for that hour, it felt good.

If you too attended the Seacliff Beach Front Twilight Market feel free to share your experiences below and check out Instagram and Twitter  for more cruelty free fun βœŒβ€


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