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Festivals, Food, Fun & Fringe!

It’s Monday again and as I look back over the past few days I wonder how Friday could only have been 3 days ago? Since about 6pm on Friday evening it feels like I haven’t stopped moving, thinking or planning. From Kerry and I hastily leaving our comfortable house sit in Seacliff, not knowing what to expect from an Air bnb in Plympton, to the manic rush on Saturday night to ensure we didn’t miss our tram back from the CBD, to the stroll we took down Jetty Road in Glenelg trying to decide where to go for our Valentines Day dinner, it feels like the weekend lasted both 5 minutes and 5 days.

I don’t intend for this to sound like a diary entry so I won’t go in to everything that happened over the weekend, but there were a few awesome things happening in and around Adelaide that I would love to draw your attention too. Firstly, the Chinese New Year festival in Chinatown. This wasn’t as epic or exciting as other Chinese festivals I’ve been too, but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. There was music playing, dancers in traditional dress on stage and plenty of food stalls, both Eastern and Western lining the streets, the sounds and smells were great and it felt like a real homely, community get together.

images (2)

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Kerry and I spent some time browsing the stalls and watching the entertainment before venturing (as usual) to the food court situated in the central market where we both devoured a plate of veggie friendly Chinese: vermicelli rice noodles, sweet and sour fried gluten, an eggplant curry and stir fired mixed vegetables. This is literally my favourite place to eat in Adelaide and I’d recommend it everyone!


The Adelaide Fringe festival also started this weekend and to celebrate there was a parade on the North Terrace featuring a crazy array of entertainers, light and fire shows and incredibly loud, funky, music. To get us in to the Fringe mood we headed to Victoria Square in the heart of the city. The Royal Croquet Club are hosting many events here during the Fringe Festival, and as well as a main stage, numerous big tops, lots of pop up bars and deck chairs they also boasted many croquet lawns where you could try your hand at the sport. It was all good fun and provided a great little oasis in the city.

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The parade itself was a busy affair. So busy in fact I could barely see a thing. The crowds were about 7 people deep so there was no way I could squeeze my way to the front, which at 5’4 was a huge shame, but luckily most of the floats were pretty tall and the music could probably be heard in space, so all in all it was a good evening: lots of sparkly confetti, neon make up, colourful light shows and thumping beats, what’s not to love.



Sunday brought with it Valentines Day and a trip to Glenelg. It was our first time heading over there and I have decided I love it and want to live there forever! Jetty Road is the main street and as we got closer to the esplanade the street got busier and busier. There was hustle and bustle in all directions, acoustic music was playing in virtually every bar and everywhere I looked vegetarian offerings were being made on chalkboard menus. When a guy with a guitar started playing About A Girl, I knew I had reached my spiritual home.

images (1)

After a few ciders and some more beautiful, acoustic renditions of classic hits, we opted to go for dinner at the Pride Of India. I’m a sucker for an Indian banquet and this restaurant didn’t fail to impress. We ordered enough food for 10 people, a couple more ciders and began our dissent in to gluttony. And it was gooood.




After a few hours and a few million calories we left Glenelg, we waved goodbye to the weekend and were already making our way towards Monday morning.

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