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The Magic Within: Shameless Self Promotion

A few years ago I challenged myself to write a book with the aim of getting it published. I toyed with several ideas, spoke to family and friends and kept a close eye on Amazons best-seller list to see what was popular with the kids. Quite literally ‘the kids’ as I had decided to write a children’s book that was entirely made up of narrative verse. Eek! I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing, and I had my head inside a rhyming dictionary almost 24/7, but as I sat down and began to type, the words just seemed to flow and my mind was churning out idea after idea. There was lots of chopping and changing, days spent talking in rhyme, deleting, re-working but after what felt like forever, I pressed save for the final time and with a deep breath and wide eyes, I closed the lid of my laptop. The Magic Within was complete, now all I had to do was get the darn thing published!

Which I did! A great publishing house in London, Create Soho, contacted me and were really eager to publish my book digitally and make it available across many different online platforms. It’s currently available across all Amazon sites, including those in Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia as a digital download. It’s super easy with or without a Kindle, just download the free software and you can almost instantly be reading The Magic Within to your little ones.


Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetites

The Magic Within

Sit down, I have a tale to tell you

You must believe me, for it’s all true

It might sound crazy, a little bit mad

But it’s the best adventure I’ve ever had

A story of magic and witches galore

So enchanting you’ll be wanting more

So turn the page and let the story begin

And remember, there lies magic within


It was a Saturday morning, bright but cold

If I remember rightly I was ten years old

The postman came, at his usual time

Between half eight and ten to nine

His offerings lay upon the mat

And that is where my letter sat

The envelope felt soft and warm

The left hand edge was slightly torn

It wasn’t my birthday, so what could it be?

Who had sent this letter to me?

I began to pick at the frayed edge first

The excitement was so, I felt fit to burst

I plumped up my pillows as I sat on my bed

Tore open the letter, spellbound as I read

The words on the page spoke of magic and wonder

Struck me like lightning, hit me like thunder

I read and I read line after line

Fact and fiction began to entwine

It told of the magic and charms I possess

Of witches and wizards and magic no less

 I’d see through this world and in to another

A whole host of magic I was to discover

With spell books and wands and incantations

This letter was something of an invitation

I really hope you enjoyed that sample, if you would like to purchase the ebook and see what happens next, then please follow the links below. It really is a great book, it appeals to all ages and I worked so hard on it I’d really love people to read, enjoy and read again 😊😊

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada 

Thank you

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