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If George Clooney Had a Spot, He’d Still Be George Clooney

Is it just me or does anybody else find how you look and how you feel go hand in hand? As much as I try to separate these two things, they constantly seem entwined and it’s something I really need to shake. Like right now!

If I’m having a bad hair day, a bad skin day or just a really bad eyebrow day it totally throws me off and leaves me feeling really crappy and without an ounce of confidence. I know this sounds incredibly shallow, superficial and down right daft, and I would never judge anybody by the standards of which I judge myself, but unfortunately I am my own harshest critic. I’m such an advocate of pure, natural beauty. Loving yourself and your body and ensuring people are happy and confident within their own skins. And I truly believe this, I just can’t translate it in to my own life.

I’m off to read a self help blog, douse my skin in tea tree oil and drink a gallon of water. And in the mean time I’ll keep reminding myself that if George Clooney had a spot, he’d still be George Clooney!

I’m not usually this melodramatic or self involved, for proof of this please follow Without_Cruelty on Instagram and Twitter ✌ ❤




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