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Chasing Waterfalls

So Monday was my birthday and along with all the usual birthday festivities, I really had my heart set on seeing a waterfall. I have wanted to see one for so long now and I knew that May 23rd had to be the day. And luckily for me, I did! I don’t know what it is about them, but I find waterfalls so majestic, so inspiring and a total metaphor for life.

We’re currently on the west coast of New Zealand, the gorgeous harbour town of New Plymouth, which is famed for its natural beauty, rugged coastlines and its mountain, Mount Taranaki. On Monday we headed to Pukekura Park, a vast expanse of park land which is home to many different floral displays, a huge duck filled lake, a childrens playground and a waterfall. Whoop whoop!

Unfortunately the weather was not our friend and it was very rainy, cloudy and miserable but we wrapped up and happily strolled around the park. I had the best day, despite the wind and the rain. And seeing a waterfall really made my day. Possibly even my year!

Here are some pictures to fill you with inspiration and I hope you get to see your own waterfall one day, whatever it may be  πŸ™‚





image image

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