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Tamarillo Armadillo

I love trying new things, the more exotic the better, so when I saw a tamarillo in my local Countdown store I grabbed a few, sniffed them and stroked them with excitement. Upon first inspection they reminded me of large plums; they have dark red skin and a soft squishy texture and I thought they’d make a lovely after dinner treat.


I was wrong. Tamarillos aren’t fruity, they aren’t similar to plums and to be honest, they aren’t very nice. Sad face.

Unlike plums, the skin isn’t edible, they do have a orangey flesh though, laced with little black seeds, similar to a papaya, but a lot smaller. They taste a lot like tomatoes, quite acidic, but with a corriander-ish after taste. They have a very odd flavour that is hard to describe, but can mostly be summed up with a facial expression….


I ended up using the remainder of my tamarillo hoard in a pasta sauce, I thought they’d make an ideal tomato replacement (as I foolishly forgot to buy any!) and they did. The seeds cooked down so weren’t too crunchy and the acidity was balanced out with a touch of salt.

Unfortunately I won’t be buying tamarillos again, but I’m very pleased I gave them a shot

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