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New Zealand Blues

It has been ages since my last post and I’m sorry. Thank you for sticking with me, it means everything! I haven’t been feeling myself lately; NZ isn’t all I hoped it would be and I’ve been emotionally drained by how difficult things have been and how unhappy both Kerry and I are here. I’m not being dramatic nor am I having  a bad day, I am not usually a negative person but the combination of NZ and winter have driven me to sadness, maybe even madness!

See, totally crazy!!

Since my last post we have moved from Havelock North, we were in Wellington for about 3 weeks which were in fact brilliant. Wellington is a cool place and where we were in Karaka Bay is so beautiful and tranquil and I even saw Peter Jackson! We are now back up in Auckland. My mum visited from the UK for 12 days which was truly awesome. We done so much in those 2 weeks; Whale watching, Waitomo Caves, Rotorua, Davenport, mini golf, waterfalls, falafel kebabs, museums, gallery’s, op shops and lots of booze! We had such good fun!




Kerry and I are now back in to the pet-setting swing of things. We are in Papakura, just south of the city, looking after a dog and a cat (both are totally adorable!) and are planning a trip to SE Asia. Had to be done 🌞

So, the flights are booked and we head out to Malaysia next Sunday. I’m hoping to really make the most of my last week here in Auckland, I’m not quite sure how yet…. maybe I’ll do some coke or get a tattoo or something….

I thought I’d share some of my favourite Wellington pics with you guys and remind myself that the past 4-ish months haven’t been all bad! For more travel pix please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram βœŒβ€







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