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The Best Indian Restaurants in New Zealand: Warning… May Cause Hunger

I have often sung the praises of Indian food on a plant based diet and this post will be no exception. I absolutely love going out for a curry because I know the variety of starters, mains and sides will be epic and very very tasty! Every city and almost every suburb (damn you Weymouth!) that Kerry and I have been to in NZ has had a great selection of Indian restaurants and I thought I’d share with you all my favourites from up and down the North Island πŸ™‚

Warning: Β May cause hunger…..


On our flight from Sydney to Auckland we experienced our first taste of things to come. We flew Air China and were served these delicious dahl and chickpea curries for our on board lunch. It was surprisingly good for aeroplane food!! And the little paratha was almost perfect, soft, flaky and crumbly.


2016-04-30 18.32.11

This gorgeous Korma was from ChaahatΒ in Newmarket, Auckland. The service was excellent, the environment was cosy and friendly and the prices were so reasonable.


During my mums visit to Auckland I decided to treat us all to a Saturday night curry, having scoured Zomato, we (well, I) settled onΒ ChawlasΒ in the heart of the CBD. It was a good choice! The portions were huge, the beer was cheap and the overall atmosphere was lovely. The food was delicious too!



We had this tasty little number inΒ ZykaΒ Hamilton. It was quick, it was tasty and the restaurant offered a great elevated view of the high street. Good lunch deals too!


2016-06-23 20.48.53

These pakoras and onion rings deserve an honorary mention beacuse they were so fantastic and could have easily been served as a main course. Kerry and I devoured them eagerly!Β Master of India, more like Masters of Starters.

New Plymouth


There are lots of Indian restaurants in New Plymouth but our absolute favourite wasΒ KathikaliΒ on the high street. Everything about it brought us happiness! From the incredibly attentive waiters, the abundance of veggie food and the totally awesome lunch specials (that we had about 3 times in 5 days! I told you it was good!) Curry, paratha, rice and a side serve of dahl all for 12 bucks! Yes! Yes! Yes!



Imagine.. Β cold, wet and terribly hungry. You wander around Hastings town centre in desperate need of food and shelter, eventually you find an Indian that is A) open B) not hosting 2 office parties and C) has a glowing fire at its centre…. aaah happiness!Β Indian Sweets and RestaurantΒ was our saviour that evening and the huge bucket of dahl was just the icing on the proverbial cake!



This amazing creation was found inΒ RasaΒ on Cuba Street in Wellington. Kerry had been craving a laksa since Sydney and I had been dreaming about dosa’s for almost a year so this place brought a smile to us both! My portion was kinda small, despite how large the lentil pancake appears, but the laksa was perfect by all accounts. Certainly worth a visit if you ever find yourself feeling peckish in Wellington.

All of these saliva inducing pics are on my Instagram along with many more travel pics and a few obligatory selfies. Please check it out! If you wish to add an Indian Restaurant to my little round up, feel free to comment below ✌ ❀





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