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Veggie Friendly Guide to Thai Crisps & Snacks

I always get excited about trying new foodie things and as much as I try to embrace a healthy way of life, I just love love love a snack from time to time and when I see new Lays flavours to get stuck in to I get super excited!
Since arriving in Thailand there have been many new snack foods to sample and as there is a distinct lack of ‘salt and vinegar’ in the crisp department, every day seems to bring a new flavour and texture possibility! How about caramel popcorn flavour crisps, or honey butter? Or the not so veggie friendly, hot chilli squid, garlic soft-shelled crab, Tom Yum or seafood and mayonnaise. Being a plant based eater there are sadly limitations to the flavors I can personally try, so look at this as your Veggie Friendly Guide to Thai Crisps and Snacks!

Sweet Basil


Wow they are incredibly tasty and nothing like I expected. I thought they’d taste a kinda Italian, a bit pizza-esque, sweet and a little creamy. Boy was I wrong, these bad boys have a kick. They are spicy, they pack a huge umami punch and feel quite peppery in the mouth. They left me feeling happy and satisfied, my mouth a-glow with chilli and spice.

Nori Sea Weed


These were as I expected, a deep sense of flavour, a little dry and they kinda reminded me of ready salted. They have flecks of sea weed all over them and are a nightmare to eat without becoming covered in little black bits. I was finding crumbs everywhere as I enjoyed a packet while on the train to Prachuap Khiri Khan; on the seat, on the curtains, on my pull down tray, on my neck, on Kerry’s neck…. Clearly I’m a messy eater!

Shiitake Mushroom


Shiitake Mushroom has umami written all over it right? Wrong! These crisps are sweet and fragrant and reminded me a lot of jasmine rice. They smell incredible, as soon as I opened the packet the entire room smelt mushroom-y and delicious but that’s where the fungi stopped. They rely heavily on the scent, so avoid if you have a cold, otherwise dive straight in, they’re freaking awesome.



Okay so, kinda self-explanatory. For some reason I was certain these wouldn’t be ‘Ready Salted’. I’m not sure why but I thought Thailand would have their own take on what makes an ‘original’ flavour. I was wrong. They were pretty standard, and actually, if anything, lacked the salt you would generally expect from a packet of plain crisps. Still good though, especially if your craving some familiarity.

Snow Pea


I became slightly obsessed with Snow Pea crisps while in Sydney and the Thai version doesn’t dissapoint. They are green, crunchy, maize sticks and are wonderfully salty and have a lingering savoury flavour. They remind me more of crackers than crisps, think Bombay mix or Twiglet’s (minus the Marmite!) and are so perfect for just tipping in to a bowl and snacking on. All day. They also come in Japanese Sesame Dressing flavour which is amazing. Salty, sweet, tangy, just divine!

Flavoured Broad Beans




The flavored broad beans are great as not only are they a yummy little snack, they also contain a healthy kick of protein, are low in carbs and are oh so cheap and widely available. The flavours I’ve seen include: salted, chilli, seaweed and Wasabi, masala, satay and Kerrys favourite Pad-Khi-Mao.



Let me start this with a simple fact: I love popcorn. Salted popcorn, plain and simple. Here in Thailand I have seen some crazy flavours and I’m being honest, I haven’t tried any of them. Flavours I’ve seen include seaweed, cheese, almond, pistachio, chilli and most bizarrely of all… Cheese and caramel, ick!

These are just a few of the wonderful, veggie friendly snacks Thailand has to offer and obviously this excludes all the amazing street food! If you would like to contribute to this list then please please comment below. For more foodie fun and travel pics why not check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤


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