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Forbidden Rice

Black rice, or Forbidden Rice as it is also called was unknown to me until the other day when I was inadvertently served some with my Khmer Tom Yum in Phnom Penh. Black, sticky and apparently very good for you, black rice was forbidden across Asia by the Chinese many thousands of years ago. Noble Chinese men took possession of every grain of the ‘forbidden’ rice, banning its consumption among anyone who was not royalty or very wealthy. The crop was grown in very limited quantities, which was closely monitored, and reserved for only the highest elite class. Common Chinese people were not allowed to grow or consume black rice, which led to its unique name, Forbidden Rice, which it still carries today.


Above is the totally delicious bowl of Khmer Tom Yum I had in the vegetarian restaurant The Corn which is located just minutes away from the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh. It was served with a large portion of black rice and from the first moist, spongy, bite I was intrigued…. Here are some stats 🙂

  • Black Rice is loaded with antioxidants, and due to its dark purple almost black colour, the antioxidant anthocyanin is very present. Anthocyanin antioxidants have been correlated with helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, protecting against cancer that can be caused by free radical damage, improving brain function and reducing imfalmation.
  •  Studies have shown that black rice decreases dangerous atherosclerotic plaque formation in the arteries, which is very important for keeping arteries clear and preventing heart attacks and stroke
  • Black Rice is an excellent source of fibre which can help you to feel full after eating and to stay satisfied for a longer period of time between meals, potentially aiding in weightloss
  • Black Rice is naturally gluten-free
  • Black Rice contains the entire bran of the grain making it an unrefined carbohydrate. This is much better for your body than eating refined carbs which can potentially lead to weight gain, diabetes and other complications.

I absolutely love rice and I’m very pleased there is a new variety for me to try, and the fact that it’s called ‘Forbidden Rice’ makes it all a little more fun! For more foodie stuff please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram  ✌ ❤




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