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The Killing Fields

To anybody visiting Phnom Penh I would give one suggestion…. try the Happy Pizzas down on the Riverside. Okay thinking about it, I have in fact two suggestions: head to The Empire Cinema and watch The Killing Fields.




The Empire Cinema is located on 130th street, 10 minutes from Riverside and it’s a really fun way to kill some time in Phnom Penh. As well as showing (reasonably) current movies, everyday it reserves a slot for the monumental masterpiece that is The Killing Fields. If you haven’t heard of this movie you are not alone. I hadn’t heard of it either before heading off to the flicks last Saturday afternoon. But boy, I was blown away! It’s amazing and provides a really great insight to the history of Phnom Penh and Cambodia. It’s emotional, exciting and The Empire itself is so quirky and fun the whole experience is a must for anyone who visits this gem of a city.


For $3.50 you can buy an all day pass which allows you to see as many movies as you like, now, there is only 1 screen so the films basically just play one after the other with a 10-15 minute break in between. The cinema itself is tiny, the screening room consists of no more than about 25 seats, most of which are garden chairs (I told you it was quirky!) Some of which are duvets on the floor. You can buy food and drink in the foyer and bring it upstairs with you while you watch the film.


I had one of my best days in Phnom Penh here at The Empire and would highly highly highly recommend a visit to anyone who is in Phnom Penh. For more travelling fun and tips please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌❤


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