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First Veggie Meal in Barcelona -The Veggie Garden

The first thing I do when Kerry and I check in to a new city is head on to the Happy Cow website and scan for veggie friendly eateries. Lets face it, my stomach rules my life! So we arrived into Barcelona on Tuesday night (well, it was actaully more like Wednesday morning if you wanna get technical) and by lunchtime we were sitting in the most fabulous little vegan restaurant, just off the Ramblas, with a (small) glass of wine and a delicious 3 course meal on its restaurant is called The Veggie Garden and I am very pleased that it was our first veggie experience in Barcelona. It was a very memorable lunch despite the copious glasses of wine, our portions of food were huge and everything was very tasty and the staff were so friendly, helpful and patient with our failing Spanish language skills.

We opted for the set menu which comes in at €8.50, yes a little pricer than the Asian street we’ve grown acustomed to for the last 4 months, but still a good deal considering the amount of food we received. The set menu consists of a starter, main, dessert, homemade bread and a small glass of wine (or water), there are several different options available for each course, and I think these are updated daily. On Wednesday when we visted our choices were…….





Cauliflower Soup


Spinach Soup

Pasta with Veggies and a Tomato Sauce


Veggie & Tofu Skewers with a Satay Sauce, Rice and Salad

A Vegetable & Tofu Empanada with Tomato Sauce and Salad

A Vegetable & Lentil Tart with a White Wine and Mushroom Sauce and Salad

Veggie Thali – 2 Veggie Curries, A Bean & Lentil Dahl, Basmati Rice, A Poppodum, A Pakora and Chutney

How epic does this all sound?? It took both Kerry and I a good 15 minutes to decide what we wanted to order, and it’s funny actually because I am a huge huge huge curry lover and anyone that reads this blog regularly will know I have a addiction to spicy food, but today, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the other dishes seemed too appealing that I almost automatically dismissed the Thali and struggled to decide between the other 3 options.

After much deliberating I chose the hummus to start (obvs, I’m vegan afterall!) and the skewers as my main. Kerry had the pasta and the Thali (I must admit I was a little jealous of his lentily dahl) and they were all excellent. I would have like my hummus to be slightly more peppery and served with toasted bread rather than un-toasted, but it was still very nice. And the skewers were delicious, the portions were huge which was great and the veggies were so fresh and crunchy. I was very pleased with my decision.



For dessert I would have liked a fruit salad, but unfortunately this wasn’t an option, so I had the apple crumble. Kerry had the sorbet and both were good. It’s sugar, how can it not be good!


Overall we had such a great time in The Veggie Garden, the food, the service, the vibe, everything was just great. I’m very excited to go back and try something else on the menu, who am I kidding, EVERYTHING else on the menu! For more food and travel pics please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤


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