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Blogmas: Ways to Kill Time While Travelling, Sans Internet

At this time of year the crooning words of Chris Rea singing Driving Home for Christmas becomes more than just a festive jingle, it becomes a reality. Floods of people boarding trains, planes and automobiles (see what I did there?!) to get home, into the comfortable bosom of their loved ones, to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.


For some, this inevitably means travelling by some tedious mode of transport, be it bus, train, aeroplane or boat and spending hours trying to pass the time. As a rather seasoned traveller, and often without a local sim card or data package (eek!) I thought I would share with you some words of wisdom on how to kill time while travelling… Believe me, I have hours and hours of experience…
And to make it more interesting all of things require no internet connection! And no, the list doesn’t start and end with read a book (although it does feature) Enjoy! And happy travels! ✌❤

Things to do while travelling, sans internet….

Snack – constantly. And take photographs of your snacks to put on Instagram later

Dalat to Nha Trang, Vietnam


Nha Trang to Hoi An, Vietnam

Read a book -preferably more than just the first page. I have a tendency of being distr- oh a fly

I have so many books on my tablet, I should definitely read some of them
I have so many books on my tablet, I should definitely read some of them

Learn a language – I am in a constant battle with myself to improve my Spanish and I have found that putting in my headphones and zoning out to a foreign language while traveling really does help. I have also started using a sleep therapy learning mechanism, which for travelling kinda kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

Sleep – Sometimes easier said than done

Watch episodes of Come Dine With Me via You Tube off line. Top tip: Ensure you have enough memory on your device and double-check the downloads have actually worked.


Try to get the attention of your boyfriend/girlfriend/travelling companion as they happily watch a film, play a game or just out right blank you, oblivious to your struggle with boredom and most likely a wedgie

Barcelona to Valencia, Spain

contemplate life – nothing too deep, maybe just what to have for dinner or what christmas present to buy your mother/father/sister/brother

Take selfies. Lots and lots of selfies 🙂

Hat Yai to Phuket, Thailand


Prachup Kirri Khan to Hua Hin, Thailand
Prachup Kirri Khan to Hua Hin, Thailand


Phnom Penh to HCMC
Phnom Penh to HCMC

*Refrain from drinking too much. Toilets are usually a nightmare on trains and are usually non existent on coaches across Asia* I went for 10 hours without using the loo on the train from Nha Trang to Hoi An. Boy, I regretted that cup of tea with breakfast. Oh and the bottle of water I drank while waiting to board. And the coffee I got from the food trolley..

I hope these tips come in useful this festive season and that everyone has a Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram for more festive fun 😊

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