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Christmas in Benidorm 

December 26th, Boxing Day, I can barely belive it! This whole year has been a huge whirlwind of countries, cultures and food! Kerry and I started the year in Australia, then took flight over to New Zealand in April, spent an amazing 4 months backpacking across SE Asia and are now chilling out in a tower block in Benidorm, Spain. I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced such an array of life and lifestyles, and right now, I’m feeling very content, very happy and very loved.

Christmas Day in Spain was very unusual, even by my standards! By now I’m very used to celebrating Christmas in a less than ‘traditional’ fashion but yesterday was unlike anything I could have imagined! A tropical sunset, karaoke, pancakes that simply refused to cook and a lengthy conversation with an old, dear friend. Untraditional, but perfect 😊

I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into my Christmas Day and share the love! I hope everyone had an amazing day full of love, laughter and friendship! Remember, Christmas isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you give!

Kerry and I failed at making pancakes, so instead we toasted the day with a cheeky glass of bucks fizz! There are a few traditions we like to keep alive!

Come mid-day we indulged in a little, light snack, Mexican style! Each year we like to celebrate Christmas by embracing our love of Mexican food. This means plates and plates of nachos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and of course, chilli.

And here it is, the main event! Chilli sin Carne, my favourite food in the entire world!

The sunset over the beautiful Benidorm beach took my breath away, it was such a stunning sight and far far from a ‘traditional’ Bing Cosby style white Christmas


So there you have it, a few snippets in to my life, if you want more, then please follow Without_Cruelty on Instagram! Merry Christmas Everybody, and I wish you all a fantastic 2017, whatever it many bring! In the coming days I’m going to write a yearly round up of all our adventures! Stay tuned, and watch this space ✌❤

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