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South to North: A Look Back Over 2016…

As we swiftly approach 2017 I thought I would have a look back over the past year and reminisce a little over the fun Kerry and I had travelling the world, embracing new cultures and sampling new cuisines. I have complied a few of my favourite posts that document our journey from the depths of the Southern Hempishere right back up to the shores of Europe. I have thrown a couple of random posts in there too, just to mix things up a little and hopefully keep this post fresh and interesting! Continue reading to share in my travel and food experiences and click the links to read my previous blog posts in their entirety. Enjoy! 


Other People’s Pets


I’m in a rather enviable position at the moment. Well, I think so anyway…

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time getting to know and enjoy the company of other people’s pets. This has been wonderful and amazing and often very emotional. I, along with my boyfriend, are currently offering our services as house and pet sitters and what a crazy, unforgettable experience it has been. To read more about how Kerry and I pet sat our way across Oz, click here

Brown, Orange, Blue, Blonde


A few months ago as the Aussie summer began shimmering its way in to sight, I blogged about my attempt to naturally lighten my stubbornly brown hair to a beautiful sun-kissed “bronde”. Unfortunately my efforts were short-lived as the power of lemon juice, camomile and cinnamon were no match for my dark brown tresses, so I gave up on the sun-kissed look….. for about 5 minutes. Read more about my hair ‘wins and fails’ here

The Magic Within: Shameless Self Promotion


A few years ago I challenged myself to write a book with the aim of getting it published. I toyed with several ideas, spoke to family and friends and kept a close eye on Amazons best-seller list to see what was popular with the kids. Quite literally ‘the kids’ as I had decided to write a children’s book that was entirely made up of narrative verse. Eek! I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing, and I had my head inside a rhyming dictionary almost 24/7, but as I sat down and began to type, the words just seemed to flow and my mind was churning out idea after idea. There was lots of chopping and changing, days spent talking in rhyme, deleting, re-working but after what felt like forever, I pressed save for the final time and with a deep breath and wide eyes, I closed the lid of my laptop. The Magic Within was complete, now all I had to do was get the darn thing published! Read about my journey to becoming a published author here

New Zealand

Chasing Waterfalls


So Monday was my birthday and along with all the usual birthday festivities, I really had my heart set on seeing a waterfall. I have wanted to see one for so long now and I knew that May 23rd had to be the day. And luckily for me, I did! I don’t know what it is about them, but I find waterfalls so majestic, so inspiring and a total metaphor for life.

We’re currently on the west coast of New Zealand, the gorgeous harbour town of New Plymouth, which is famed for its natural beauty, rugged coastlines and its mountain, Mount Taranaki. On Monday we headed to Pukekura Park, a vast expanse of park land which is home to many different floral displays, a huge duck filled lake, a childrens playground and a waterfall. Whoop whoop! For more birthday fun, click here


Crossing The Boarder: Malaysia to Thailand


I thought I’d just briefly cover how easy it is to cross from Malaysia in to Thailand via public transport. Before Kerry and I decided to catch the train from Butterworth up to Pedang Besar we read a few blogs and travel guides but nothing really provided us with enough reliable, precise info on the matter so, here you go, my take on leaving Malaysia and entering Thailand on foot! This process was a fun, exciting way to head in to Thailand, to read more click here

7 Day Challenge: Cocont Water


Last week I read an article on that almost guaranteed that by consuming coconut water everyday for a week you would instantly posess a bikini body, have perfect, blemish-free skin, never suffer from a head ache again and basically live to 705. As a woman and a beliver in magic, this appealed to my inner insecurities and as I have an abundance of fresh coconuts in my life right now (thank you Thailand) I thought I would give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? 699? For more, click here


The Killing Fields


To anybody visiting Phnom Penh I would give one suggestion…. try the Happy Pizzas down on the Riverside. Okay thinking about it, I have in fact two suggestions: head to The Empire Cinema and watch The Killing Fields. To find out more about this amazing cinema, click here

Top Vegan Memes


Eveyone loves a meme, don’t they? Here’s a quick round up of my favouries from the web…. Be prepared to laugh, guffaw and roll your eyes! Some are kinda small, so you may need to squint! Click Here  for more funnies


What The Hell’s a Lalot Leaf?


I am always on the hunt for a good veggie restaurant and when I find one I want to try everything on the menu. Twice. While here in Hanoi Kerry and I found a really cool vegetarian restaurant called Nang Tam that offers various set menus, which means you can sample a lot of food without having to order everything! And it was delicious and creative and reasonably priced and I would definitely had back. If you are in Hanoi and want some yummy veggie fayre, I highly recommend a visit to Nang Tam🙂 To read more, Click Here


First Veggie Meal in Spain – The Veggie Garden


The first thing I do when Kerry and I check in to a new city is head on to the Happy Cow website and scan for veggie friendly eateries. Lets face it, my stomach rules my life! So we arrived into Barcelona on Tuesday night (well, it was actaully more like Wednesday morning if you wanna get technical) and by lunchtime we were sitting in the most fabulous little vegan restaurant, just off the Ramblas, with a (small) glass of wine and a delicious 3 course meal on its way. To read more about this great restaurant, click here

My Favourite Recipes from 2016

 Tofu and Veggie Scramble



Winter has well and truly arrived here in NZ; it’s cold, wet and dark. All. The. Time. So for dinner last night I thought I would make something warm and comforting. Something that would help me to forget about the wild winter that was raging outside and instantly perk me up. I don’t know about you, but food definitely has a funny way of putting a smile on my face and zoning me out.

I had wanted to give tofu scramble a try for a while now, and decided last night would be the night. And honestly, I wish I would have made it sooner, it was fabulous! The tofu took on a crazy egg-like texture, I added turmeric for a slight yellow hue and lots of veggies and crispy potatoes to make it satisfying enough for dinner. Click Here to read more….

Easy Homemade Vegan Hummus


While in Chiang Mai recently I was able to feed my hummus addiction. I know it’s a huge vegan cliché to say ‘I love hummus’ but seriously, is there anything better that a huge bowl of creamy, chunky, thick, hummus? No!

My favourite place to go when I was in need of a fix was Cat House Chiang Mai. For 120b (about £2.50) you could get a huge bowl of delicious homemade hummus, with 2 pita breads, deep-fried falafels, salad, a tomato salsa and a coriander dip. I mean, wow! This place knows, really knows… Grab a great hummus recipe here

I hope you enjoyed this flashback, it’s given me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to look back over 2016 and remember all the cool, crazy things Kerry and I did. Things I failed to mention include…..

Getting a tattoo!


Breaking a sink in a hotel room!


And looking after the words cutest dog!


Happy New Year everybody! For more food and travel fun please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤



2 thoughts on “South to North: A Look Back Over 2016…

    1. Oh it’s been fantastic! I would never have predicted this time last year that I would have visited so many amazing places and met so many great people! Malaysia was actually one of my favourite countries, how exciting that you lived there! Unfortunately we only spent about a week there while making our way to Thailand. I would love to go back and spend a good month or so exploring! Haha, the sink, it was an accident, I promise!
      Happy New Year to you too Shannon, I’m really pleased I found your blog! 🙂


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