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Low Carb: Vegetarian Style

I don’t know about you but for me the past week has been a lesson in over indulgence. Over the christmas period healthy eating has not been high on the agenda and right now my body is suffering. I feel bloated, my skin is dry and I’m definitely struggling to squeeze in to my jeans! Ugh!


In order to kick start things and get myself on the right track, I’m going to venture back on to the Eco Atkins diet plan. I had some success with this plan last Christmas, loosing 6lb in 3 weeks, which brought me down to a weight I was happy with (55.7 kilos or 122lb)

So as of today, I will be cutting out unhealthy, refined carbohydrates from my diet and enjoying healthy fats, plant based proteins and complex carbs. It isn’t as tricky or restrictive as it sounds and actually, most low carb meals are really delicious and fairly filling. I have written a few blog posts about the Eco Atkins plan, in which I discuss the diet, the foods and provide a few yummy recipes.

Here’s a snippet of my introduction to Eco Atkins: Low Carb for Veggies 


It’s basically a veggie friendly version of the standard Atkins diet, so refined carbs are banned, complex carbs and veggies make up the the bulk of your meals and good, healthy fats are king! It’s pretty common knowledge that expelling carbs from your diet is a sure fire way to loose the pounds, but as a plant based eater I was pretty dubious about what exactly this diet would consist of. I began preparing myself and doing a lot of research before embarking upon this new diet, unfortunately there is limited info on this topic online so I had to really sit down and educate myself on the matter. I am now a pro on macronutrients, complex carbs, refined sugars and can probably tell you the carb content of any vegetable!

This is a post from 3 days in, I have to say I was Amazed, Astounded and Maybe Very Slightly Hungry..


I was quite excited when I first learnt that the traditional Atkins diet had been tweaked to suit a plant-based lifestyle, I’ve been on a quest to lose 7-ish pounds for about 6 months now and thought that this could be the answer as I know that low carb diets are sooo popular and the results (mainly due to keto, which I am not attempting! I’m sticking to the 50-60g of carbs per day mark) are both quick and dramatic. I can now vouch for this myself as I have been on the veggie version of Atkins for a week now and have lost… 1.7kg. That’s 3.7 pounds! That’s over half of my target weight loss in only 1 week. I’m astounded and amazed and maybe just very slightly hungry…..

And here’s a recipe for a Low Carb Lasange that you vegetarians out there might find of interest. It’s very simple to veganize, just swap out the dairy cheese for vegan cheese 🙂

My most favourite dinner while on the low carb plan was my veggie lasange. It’s made using zucchini rather than pasta and isn’t really a lasange in the traditional sense, but it’s saucy, cheesey, gooey, and just delicious. And with less than 30 grams of carbs in the entire meal (and 4 grams of that is dietary fibre!) it’s certainly a winner if your watching your figure.


If you are thinking of shedding a few pounds this January and would like to know more about the plan I am following please feel free to comment below and check out my previous posts! I would love to be a part of your weightloss journey and would really appreciate some support on mine! For more foodie inspo please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤


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