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The 3 B’s: Blonde, Brown, Bangs

About a year and a half ago I developed an addiction… to hair dye. Yep I was a hair dye addict. I was on a mission to achieve the perfect beachy-wave ombre and I finally managed it with the help of many many box dyes and blue food colouring. (To read about my avid attempts to transform dark brown to light blonde via shades of blue, click here) Since February last year I have left well alone. My ombre grew out a little, it turned brassier by the day, (see below images!) but I resisted the urge to fiddle with it. I found that dying my hair completely envelopes me, it takes control and costs me a bloody fortune. So, like I say, I resisted temptation… until last weekend.

Me last Christmas with my *perfect* blonde highlights
Me last Christmas with my *perfect* blonde highlights

I decided that I would dye my hair again, that I would lighten it a few shades (just the ombre) and as spring time is approaching, try to get back to that lovely, blonde, beachy glow. I was feeling jaded by the orange hues and really wanted a bright, boost to give my tired tresses a bit of oomph.




I bought 2 products, an ash blonde lightener and a heat activated lightening gel. And I was actually pleasantly surprised by both. Having done the box dye twice and applying almost all of the gel I achieved a nice overall lightening effect. My ombre was taken from a fiery orange colour to a light blonde and I was happy. For 5 minutes.


My new lighter ombre
My new lighter ombre

Today I have decided to dye my hair again….

No longer content with the light blonde colour it almost bankrupted me to achieve, I have gone and bought what claims to be Dark Blonde (as I am in Spain the actual colour is Rubio Oscuro) The box looks pretty close to the colour my fickle mind is currently craving so fingers crossed….


A few hours later….

I’m pretty happy with the results, it took 2 goes to cover the light blonde, I kept the tips quite light and luckily the newly acquired ‘dark blonde’ which is actually more like a medium ash brown, hides most of the damage the bleach had previously caused. It’s really tricky to show the colour in these pics, the lighting is terrible! But I’m happy and pleased with the result. For now….




Oh, I also gave in to temptation and cut my fringe. As much as I was desperate to grow it out, it became apparent I was more desperate to avoid 90’s style curtians


For slightly less self-indulgence and more fun food and travel pics please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤


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