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A Day in Malaga: A Brief Food & Travel Guide

Málaga….I couldn’t imagine a better city to end my Spanish adventure in! Fun, vibrant, cultural, historic, full of amazing food, quaint back streets and sunshine. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for anything more… except maybe a little more time to explore the city.

Kerry and I arrived in Málaga late Tuesday morning. Our Alsa bus departed the Alicante terminal at 3.20am, which wasn’t pleasant and we arrived in to the city at a timely 11am. Shattered and starving we donned our backpacks and walked the 20 minutes to our centrally located hotel, Hotel Sur, nothing luxurious, but hey we’re backpackers! Our plan was to drop off our stuff and grab lunch, unfortunately this didn’t happen as A) most restaurants in the city don’t open for lunch until 1.30 and B) once my bum hit the bed it refused to move for a good hour. Quite frankly I’m surprised an hour was enough. I’m a girl who generally likes her sleep (but, on that note I have been suffering dreadfully with insomnia lately!!!)

So with our plans slightly altered, we headed into Malaga at around 2pm, and with the help of Happy Cow found a fantastic vegan restaurant that luckily wasn’t too busy (it was Valentine’s Day after all)

Cañadú is located towards the north of the city and offers both an al la carte menu and a set lunch time menu. It has a great array of veggie and vegan dishes, serves booze and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. We sat inside and perused the menu for a good half an hour… Everything sounded amazing!

Finally I opted for the Ajoblanco to start and the Vegan Mousakka for mains and Kerry had Patatas Bravas for starters and a Stuffed Eggplant with Brown Rice and Salad for his main dish.

Everything was really really good! The Ajoblanco was so rich and not as garlicky as I feared it might be, the Patatas Bravas was served with a delicious spicy tomato sauce and the mains were big and hearty. We couldn’t eat dessert, instead treated ourselves to a glass of vino. We had an amazing lunch, the vibe was so chilled and friendly, love and laughter filled the air, the waitresses were bilingual which made ordering a breeze and I would highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in town and want a yummy way to fill your tum!
The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. The historic Castillo, the super-imposing cathedral, the cobbled streets, the almond sellers, the big wheel and of course the sea. I took a few snaps on my phone as we wandered through the vibrant back streets. Street performers adorned every corner, a saxophone player, a pipe player, steel drums, opera singers, sounds were coming from everywhere and as night fell on this busy city the streets were lit with a million tiny bulbs, the carnival is on its way! Apparently..

I was terribly sad to leave this gorgeous Andalucian city, but I have vowed to one day return, for now I am happy with my memories and pleased I got to spend my last day in Spain in such a beautiful place with my beautiful lover…✌❤

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6 thoughts on “A Day in Malaga: A Brief Food & Travel Guide

    1. It was a beautiful place! And the sunshine was a huge bonus! I would highly recommend it for a winter break. In fact there are 3 veggie restaurants in the city, unfortunately we only had time to try out one 😿


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