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Garlic & Leek Cabbage Bowl

Recently I have really been enjoying cabbage, that sounds a little random I know, but I have been experimenting with flavours and seasoning and wow, I’ve been so impressed with this little gem. Crunchy, buttery and very accommodating, white cabbage is the perfect side dish, main dish or, in my case, snack! Paired with garlic, leeks, a handful of nuts and a glass of crisp white wine this cabbage bowl is definitely a winner and will certainly warm you up this winter (I’m back in the northern hemisphere now guys!)

Follow the recipe below and you too will be mesmerized by the wondrous simplicity of cabbage!


What You’ll Need (For 2 People)

Half a White Cabbage, Shredded

A Leek, Sliced into Rounds

A Handful of Unsalted Peanuts

A Tablespoon of Garlic Powder

A Knob of (Vegan) Butter

A Teaspoon of Oil

Salt & Pepper to Taste

A Splash of Water


What You’ll Need to do

In a saucepan heat a teaspoon of oil and the butter, once the butter melts add the sliced leek and sprinkle in the garlic powder. Make sure the powder doesn’t burn, keep the heat low, but toss the pan a few times and add a touch of water if necessary. After 3 minutes, add in the shredded cabbage, a splash of water and mix well. You don’t want all the leeks at the bottom, sticking. Cover, vent slightly and raise the heat to a gentle boil so you can begin to hear the water bubbling and leave for 15 minutes, checking occasionally.

Taste, add salt and pepper if necessary, maybe a little more butter and sprinkle the peanuts in and stir. The cabbage should taste soft, but with a little crunch, rich and buttery, with a slight kick from the garlic and pepper. Serve as a side, on its own or with some delicious homemade garlic bread as I have below. But be careful, too much cabbage can cause belly aches and bloating… I found this out the hard way.


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4 thoughts on “Garlic & Leek Cabbage Bowl

  1. I love cabbage too oddly despite an embarrassing memory. I was 11 in first year in the lunch queue when the dinner lady came up to me in front of everyone, cool girls, boys I liked etc and announced “Your mother said you have to eat cabbage EVERY DAY!” πŸ˜€

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