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A Stroll through Midleton

Since arriving in Ireland, just over 3 weeks ago, Kerry and I have been staying in a town called Midleton. Literally meaning ‘middle town’ in English, it sits 10 miles between both Cork City and Youghal. Steeped in rich history Midleton can trace its roots back to the Norman invasion of 1180 and it took its Irish name, Mainistir na Corarann, (Monastery at the Weir) in commemoration to the Norman monastery that was built near the weir that housed the Cistercian Monks from Burgundy. It is also home to the distillery where the world-famous Jameson Whiskey is made and is proud to boast the world’s largest pot still – a large copper vessel with a capacity of 140,000 litres. Go Midleton!

Yesterday Kerry and I took a stroll through the town on our way to the new multiplex cinema that has recently opened along side a plethora of multinational retailers including Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Subway and McDonald’s. It was a surprisingly mild day and we were able to enjoy the quaint surroundings without shivering or dodging rain showers. Here are a few pictures from our day, some of them are slightly covert!






We plan to be in Midleton for a further 3 weeks or so, during this time we hope to hire a car and see a little more of the Emerald Isle. I think it’s only fair that we head over to Kerry at some point, right?!

To see more of our Irish adventures & the other amazing countries we have visited, please check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤


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