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Low Carb Swede Wedges

I’ve been buying swedes lately, a couple of things prompted this, firstly they are one of the cheapest veggies you can buy, secondly they are very versatile and thirdly, unlike the humble spud they are low carb and are actually considered a vegetable.

The other day I bought a pack of 3 swedes for the very low price of €1. I had a quick Google to see what could be achieved with these incredibly heavy, ugly, looking balls and apparently you treat them just like a potato. Only you don’t have to purge or feel guilty after eating them and you won’t fall in to a carb induced coma. Yay for swedes!

Having already exhausted swede mash I decided I would give swede wedges a try. And I’m sooo pleased I did! They were absolutely incredible, a huge win for swedes and a huge win for me. I love making things that people love, and that I love…

So if you fancy being a winner and making these delicious, low carb, high flavour wedges, the instructions are below.

What You’ll Need

1 Swede Cut in to Wedges

A Tablespoon of Oil (I used Vegetable)

A Tablespoon of Mixed Herbs


What You’ll Need to do

Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees. Chop the swede into wedges, I left the skin on because I like how rustic it looks, but peel it if you prefer. In an ovenproof dish, spoon in the oil and ensure the base is fully saturated. Sprinkle in the herbs evenly and put in the wedges.

Setting the mood in my kitchen with this lighting.. things are sexy af

Shake the dish and ensure all the wedges are covered with the oil/herb mixure. Fold the wedges over with a spoon or use your fingers to ensure you get an even distribution of flavour. Once you’re happy pop in the oven for 50 minutes. Check every now and again to make sure the tips aren’t burning and to rotate the wedges a little. After 50 minutes they should be soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and smell absolutely amazing! Serve with your choice of dips and enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Low Carb Swede Wedges

    1. Hey! Swedes and turnips are quite similar actually, swedes tend to be bigger and sweeter though. They’re such great veggies! So versitile and tasty. Definitely try them out if you can 😀

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