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Quorn & Linda McCartney go Vegan

Something that made leaving the tranquil beaches of Asia behind and heading back west a little more bearable, was the fact that both Quorn and Linda McCartney have introduced new vegan lines into their ‘ready made’ ranges. This was such a welcome surprise to me and to (I’m sure) the 500,000 other plant-based eaters in the UK. Although I haven’t made it all the way back to the UK just yet, the vegan options available here in Ireland are pretty extensive and, like I said, extremely welcome.

Despite my love of cooking sometimes you just want something quick and easy, a burger and chips or a sausage sandwich with lots and lots of sauce. And this makes being a lazy eater so much more simple. Yay! Currently Quorn have 7 vegan friendly products on their website including, fillets, nuggets and burgers. Linda McCartney are doing waaay better with 14, hell yeah! There is also a pettition that I have seen going around (that I’ve signed) asking for all LM products to go milk and egg free! I’ll link it here.

This is the Linda McCartney vegan product range


How awesome does all of this sound? I mean, scampi, shredded hoisin duck, 1/4 pounders? I have no idea how they will taste (and I have nothing to compare them to either) but I am sure they’ll be amazing! And hopefully affordable!

So far here in Ireland I have bought the sausages and the pies. I got them both from Iceland for a very reasonable price (€1.25 & €2.00 respectively) The sausages were great, we had them with roasted veggies and swede mash and oh boy, I can’t wait to have them again. I am yet to try the pies, but I’m planning on having them with mash and beans very shortly….. yum!

I would love to hear your feedback on any of the new vegan ranges and indeed the new Quorn Fishless Fingers I’ve been reading sooo much about! I finally bought a box, but I haven’t had them yet.. Please comment below and for more foodie fun check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram ✌❤



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