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Veggie Friendly Options at The Wetherspoons (Ireland)

Kerry and I have been in to Cork City a couple of times since being in Ireland and we have found The Linen Weaver, Corks only branch of Wetherspoons, to be a great, tasty, convenient option for grabbing a quick bite to eat. Everything is clearly marked if it’s plant-based and I have always found it to be a friend to hungry vegans and vegetarians across the UK, so I thought I would write a brief post highlighting Ireland’s current range and ask why there aren’t more Wetherspoons across the city??

On our first visit last weekend I opted for the 5 Bean Chilli, it came with a portion of rice, a handful of tortilla chips and a random lettuce leaf… You also get a drink with all meals and can choose a soft drink or for €2 more, a boozey drink. The chilli was really good, a mixture of TVP and beans in a spicy tomato sauce, the rice was also flavoured and even though it looks kinda small, it was very filling. Not bad for €10.75 with a glass of Strongbow Dark Fruits.

We also headed in to the city yesterday (St Patrick’s Day, it had to be done!) and again I opted for the chilli, this time with a jacket potato and a portion of chips. (€7.95 with a glass of Strongbow) strangely, even though I had a potato, I was given the option of a side of chips or a salad… I know, I know, I should have had the salad, but I just couldn’t resist! The jacket was good, but the serving of chilli was quite small, which left the potato really dry and as they don’t stock dairy free butter or margarine I was kinda at a loss. Where’s the hummus when you need it?!

Their other vegan option is a sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry served with rice, poppodums and naan bread, €14.25 with an alcoholic drink.

Vegetarian visitors get a much better deal as there is a really extensive veggie menu. As you’ll see from the pictures below there are over 10 options to choose from including toasties, wraps, jackets, burritos, burritos, salads, veggie all day breakfast aaand almost all the side dishes and sauces are meat free too! They also offer a vegetarian alternative to their ‘famous’ Texan Burger which is pretty awesome and Kerry (vegetarian!) is a huge fan! It’s a veggie burger, topped with 5 bean chilli, cheese and salad and served with fries and onion rings. It’s pretty damn hearty and is €11.50 with a pint of Beamish.

I hope you enjoyed that round-up of The Linen Weavers, if you ever find yourself at a loss in Cork City, then bear it in mind. Otherwise check out Happy Cow for more great options! And why not visit Without_Cruelty on Instagram for more foodie fun and travel pics! ✌❤

3 thoughts on “Veggie Friendly Options at The Wetherspoons (Ireland)

    1. It was so cosy, just what we needed on a cold Irish day! The vegan options were pretty good, and now we’re back in the UK the selection is slightly bigger. It’s a great, convenient chain where you can grab a bite without breaking the bank! Have a great week!


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