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Alcohol & Low Carb Diets 

So I’m back home and back on low carb! Oh its been a crazy couple of weeks, I didn’t realise how difficult adjusting back in to ‘real life’ would be! And although I’m excited to be home, catching up with friends and family there is definitely a small part of me that craves those white sandy beaches… Who am I kidding!? It’s a huge part of me!

Having re-taken possession of all my ‘crap’ (as my mother calls it) that my parents stored for me while I ‘galavanted across the world’ (my brothers words) I have quickly come to realise that I have gained a fuck tonne of weight… (my words!) Jeans that were once baggy now resemble leggings, cute over sized jumpers are now crop tops and all my going out dresses (I had a lot) leave far too little to the imagination! So, it’s diet time. I’m back on low carb, I actually love being on low carb because it’s so darn effective and with the help of My Fitness Pal it makes keeping track of both carbs and calories a breeze.

What worries me though and what I feel could be the downfall of my weight loss is alcohol. I won’t lie, I do like a tipple and almost all of my social engagements centre around the good old British pub. What’s a girl to do? Research apparently!

I had a little Google and I have compiled a list of low carb, low cal, dancing juices! The list contains mostly spirits as they are practically carb-free and as a regular cider drinker I may find this a little ‘hard’ to begin with. If you do opt for spirits be sure to choose a diet mixer, forget Coke or Orange Juice as these are carb machines. There are also several low carb beers, wines and cocktails that come in below 5g.

Whiskey & (Diet) Coke 100 calories per glass 0 carbs

Cuba Libre 100 Calories per glass, 0 carbs

Vodka & (Diet) Coke 100 calories per glass, 0 carbs

Pinto Grigio 123 calories per small glass, 3g of carbs

Pure Blonde Low Carb Beer 105 calories 1.75g carbs

I hope you found this post interesting, I found the research to be quite eye-opening! I will definitely be laying off the cider for a while and hopefully I’ll be back in my jeans in no time. If you have any comments, tips or advice, please leave them below and check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram for more foodie fun ✌❤

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