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Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms 

It’s May and the weather still refuses to play ball! For me cold, grey, miserable days mean comfort food and big dinners, plates of mashed potatoes and thick gravy, gooey, cheesey toasties and heart warming pies. Ugh I’m making myself hungry just typing this….

Unfortunately all of the above is off the cards at the moment as I am still watching my weight and living a low carb lifestyle. Even though the weight is dropping off, low carb does nothing for comfort food cravings! It’s all about the protein baby. One dish that I have found to be incredibly comforting (and very low carb!!) on these grey, spring nights is stuffed mushrooms. A large flat mushroom filled with the flavours of autumn; leeks, garlic, spinach and a dash of Sainsburys Free From Cream Cheese to bind the flavours.

It’s a really simple recipe, quick to make and surprisingly filling. The recipe is below if you would like to give it a shot!

Low Carb, Vegan, Stuffed Mushrooms

What You’ll Need

2 Large Flat Mushrooms (around 75g each)

40g Chopped Leek

5g Chopped Garlic

30g Fresh Spinach

4 Chopped Walnuts

20g Sainsburys Free From Cream Cheese

A Sprinkle of Mixed Italian Herbs

What You’ll Need to do

Chop the leek, the garlic and the stems of the mushrooms and pop them in a heated frying pan. Fry for 5 minutes or until everything is looking slightly brown. Add a touch of boiling water and the spinach leaves. They won’t take long to wilt, so be vigilant! Once the water has soaked up add a pinch of Italian Mixed Herbs and mix well.

Transfer the mixture in to a bowl, stir through the cream cheese and sprinkle in the chopped walnuts.
Divide the mixture in to the mushrooms and bake for 15 minutes in a 200 degrees preheated oven.

I have had these twice now and each time served with them with a simple green salad. But if you aren’t low carbing then I definitely recommend serving with a big bowl of chips!! Either way, enjoy!

Total Calories 150 / Carbs 9g

If you have any comments please leave them below and check out Without_Cruelty on Instagram for more vegan, low carb fun ✌❤


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