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Northaw Great Wood: A Breath Of Fresh AirΒ 

In an attempt to get a little bit fitter and hopefully see some wildlife, Kerry and I ventured in to the forest! We are quite lucky to have Northaw Great Wood on our doorstep, which is one of Hertfordshires biggest and most important oak woodlands, and it’s a really great place to stroll around, enjoy nature and get your heart pumping. It’s also the perfect getaway from the reality of being back home after 2.5 years of travelling, I think I might live here! 

There are several predefined trails you can take that lead around the forest, we opted for the Blue Trail which was a mile and a quarter in length (with some uphill struggles) and it was amazing! We didn’t see any stags (much to my dismay) but the sky was blue, the scenery was breathtaking and I was absolutely in my element. I took some pics along the way too…

We might have only spent a couple of hours amongst the trees, but it was a couple of hours well spent. I felt so peaceful and tranquil walking around the huge and mighty oaks, hand in hand with Kerry, just enjoying the silence. Shame we had to pop in to Tesco on the way home #life 

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