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Falling in Love with the UK

Oh I miss travelling. The packing, the planning, the not really knowing, the freedom, the big wide world! Kerry and I have been back in the UK now for a little over 2 months, and as I have learnt from my nomad days, the 2 month mark is when I begin to get a bit antsy. My feet get itchy, I begin to crave new adventures and I just can’t sit still or stop my mind from wandering. So, in order to try and free myself from this feeling, we embarked upon a road trip! Suffolk, here we come!!

Neither Kerry or I had ever visited Suffolk before so we were quite excited and after a little research we packed up the car and drove 90 minutes up the road. And boy, was I impressed! The charming market town of Bury St Edmunds is full of tradition and history which sits perfectly along side its modern, vibrant scene. The town itself boasts buildings that date back to the 15th century and it also has a great array of pubs, bars and restaurants. There is a newly constructed shopping centre in the heart of the town and the weekly market draws people in from far and wide.

For me the main attraction was the cathedral, St Edmundsbury, set in vast, lush gardens, brimming with history and staking its claim on the somewhat sleepy horizon. It was beautiful, majestic and so imposing. Dating from the 16th century and always acting as a beacon to the towns people, the cathedral is the real heart of the town.

Surrounded by lush, green, fields and the somewhat comforting smell of manure, Bury St Edmunds was just the most perfect place for us to spend a few days. The weather was gorgeous, the people were friendly and a change of scenery (of the most beautiful kind) really does do wonders for your soul.

If anyone ever has the opportunity to visit Bury, all I can day is be careful. You’ll fall in love ✌❤

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8 thoughts on “Falling in Love with the UK

    1. Hey Laura! It’s funny you should say that, the next destination on our list is Eastbourne, in East Sussex. I love the beach as much as I love the countryside so we thought we’d head down there. I have heard great things about the West; Stone Henge, Bath, Cornwall, all such amazing places and right here on our doorstep! Have a lovely day 😄x

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