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So, I Started A Business 

The one thing I have been asked more than anything else since coming back from my epic 3 year travel sesh is “So, what are you going to do now?” and as of yesterday, I finally have an answer….I decided to start my own business. Oh yeah!

I didn’t go in to this lightly. I gave it lots of thought, and to be honest I’ve been giving it some thought for the last 6 months or so, and I came to a few conclusions:

1) That I need to be involved in something that I’m passionate about 2) With a work/life balance that I can control and  3) Most importantly, something that won’t depress my creativity, spontaneity or my need to binge watch a whole season of a show in 1 day. Bearing all of that in mind, it became very apparent that I had to start my own business and be my own boss..

So, I have launched a website. Vidorra is an online shopping platform that sells 100% Fair Trade products, all items are ethically sourced and at the moment I am specialising in Recycled Aluminium. For me, my ethics cannot be compromised so it has been of the utmost importance to find importers/wholesalers who comply with my moral code and I’ve been really lucky to get hold of some amazing, beautiful, hand-crafted homewares and gifting. The aluminium is sourced from Northern India, the recycling process means 90% less carbon emissions are flooding the atmosphere and people are earning a fair wage for a days work. All items are BAFTS approved and all manufacturers can be traced. I couldn’t be happier; the stock, the website, the connections I’ve made, even if Vidorra isn’t the ‘next big thing’ it feels pretty mighty to me, and I’m over the moon!

For those of you who follow my Instagram account, you have probably seen some of my recent, shameless self promotion posts, I found that Insta has been a great medium to promote my new venture, I can get the product out there, publicise it, talk about it and hopefully create a bit of a buzz. As I said, recycling and fair trade is so important to me and it makes me happy to be able to share my passion with others. It has been a long, hard, few months, but all my efforts have definitely paid off; the endless reading, writing code, sourcing stock, late nights, it has been one hell of a learning curve but I’m really proud of my journey and hope you lovely people out there will share in my happiness! 🙂

If you fancy checking out the site here’s the link Vidorra

Any comments or feedback you have will be very much appreciated as any help I can get is definitely a blessing!

I’m currently running a 10% off promo site-wide too, so if you do plan on treating yourself then use the discount code Recycle1 at the checkout

And for more fun and games please check out Without-Cruelty on Instagram 



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