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The Ella May Garrett Challenge / Getting To Know Me

While scrolling through my WordPress Reader a couple of days ago I stumbled across a really great post by Ella May Garrett. It was an article based on the Dawn Dagger Challenge which is a popular tag used to get bloggers talking, sharing and opening up about themselves and being more than just words on a screen.  The general ‘rules’ are: thank the person that nominated you, answer the questions posed, set 10 more for your nominees and tag 1-10 people to take part.

On her blog Ella has invited everyone who is interested to partake in the challenge. And thank you very much Ella, I thought it would be really fun to get involved and play along! So, there are 10 questions in total, I will answer them honestly and briefly and afterwards I too will set a series of questions that will just be begging to be answered by anyone and everyone who hears their call!

So, here goes…….

  1. What is your shoe size? 5 UK  / 38 European
  2. Do you have a favourite word?  Vidorra (which is also, coincidentally the name of my new website! www.vidorra.co.uk)  It means to Live a Good Life in Spanish
  3. Do you like Disney movies? I used to love them, in fact I have a very extensive Disney DVD collection, but these days, not so much…..
  4. What is your guilty pleasure? Cookery shows. I could literally watch the Food Network all day, everyday. And it’s actually been known to happen (February, 2016, Adelaide)
  5. Have you ever read a book you couldn’t put down or a film you were obsessed with from the get go? What was it? The Girl on the Train (the book) It was absolutely fantastic…. thrilling, exciting and full of suspense
  6. What would be a bad date for you? Cinema and dinner at Miller & Carter (or another equally veggie unfriendly steak house)
  7. If you could relive any moment, what would it be and why? Getting off the plane in Sydney after what felt like forever. I was totally drained, hungry and felt like crap but the minute I breathed in that Aussie air and saw Kerry I was the happiest I’ve ever been!
  8. Are you a trousers or skirt person? Or both?! Both! I love skirts with thick tights in the winter and casual paper bag trousers in the summer
  9. Do you have any pets? Nope, but I was a pet sitter for over 2 years so I have lots of happy pet memories and stories
  10. Do you write your blog posts in the evening or the morning? Morning. When the flat is silent and peaceful (and tidy!) When I’m the only one awake, it’s when my focus kicks in. Or it could just be the coffee!
My many, many Disney DVDs


Early morning blogging sesh

I Nominate…. Everyone! Please please feel free to partake in this, it’s fun, it makes you think and ultimately it makes you kinda happy.

My Questions Are:

  1. Your Favourite ‘Friend’?
  2. Favourite Crisp Flavour?
  3. Are You a Morning Person?
  4. Tea or Coffee?
  5. Sea View, Mountain View or Countryside View?
  6. Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, or none of the above?
  7. Favourite Childhood Memory?
  8. Favourite Thing to do on Sunny Days?
  9. What Song do you Know ALL the words to?
  10. A Film that Makes you Cry, Every Damn Time!?

Just simply copy and paste this list on to your site and please please tag this post in your post and comment below! I’m really nosy and cannot wait to see all of your answers! I hope you enjoyed finding out a little about me, I’m excited to find out a little more about all my readers. For more fun please check out Without Cruelty on Instagram ✌ ❤ 





14 thoughts on “The Ella May Garrett Challenge / Getting To Know Me

    1. No, thank you! It’s such a great way to connect with other bloggers and to also spend a little time just thinking about yourself, the small things that make you tick. Vidorra is the best word, I fell in love with it instantly, it sums up my life perfectly! Thanks again, I’ll look forward to following your posts in the future! 😚😚😚

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