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Moments Make Memories

In this awkward time between Christmas and New Year I think it’s always nice to reflect back on the last few days and try and make some sense of it all…

This is the first Christmas in 4 years Kerry and I have been ‘at home’ for and, now, looking back at Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day I don’t think I really appreciate the sentiment or the luck that has been bestowed upon us both. Give it time and I think I’ll come to love and appreciate the memories that have been made this year. And as I always say – moments make memories!

Spending time with Kerry in our cosy little flat, enjoying our traditional Mexican meals and knocking back the booze has been really, really fun. We always celebrate Christmas with Mexican food and drink – Nachos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tacos and of course Tequila! It’s been so tasty and just like the previous years, memorable.

We have spent time with our families, gone for a couple of walks and indulged in lots of trashy TV. That’s exactly what Christmas is all about in my book, and in years to come I’ll be very content in my decisions and actions this year. This Christmas will definitely be remembered as a happy one as well as our first in the UK.

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season, where ever you are and whatever you are doing! Please feel free to share your christmas experiences below! ✌❤


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