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Summer Bodies are Made in Winter: It’s True You Know!

Oh winter, will it ever end? The cold, dark days, the endless thermals/jumper/coat/scarf combos and the inability to use your phone when you’re out because your hands are glove clad every damn day! Roll on summer ey? Now, I don’t usually opt in to these ‘Summer Body’ regimes, guides, plans, whatever you wanna call them,… Continue reading Summer Bodies are Made in Winter: It’s True You Know!

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Transformation Tuesday: On A Friday

Ok, so I’m either a little late or a little early with this, but who cares! All you guys really want to see are the results right? Motivational speeches, diet plans and words of advice are great, but sometimes the proof is in the pudding and a visual perspective is all you really need to… Continue reading Transformation Tuesday: On A Friday

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The 3 B’s: Blonde, Brown, Bangs

About a year and a half ago I developed an addiction… to hair dye. Yep I was a hair dye addict. I was on a mission to achieve the perfect beachy-wave ombre and I finally managed it with the help of many many box dyes and blue food colouring. (To read about my avid attempts… Continue reading The 3 B’s: Blonde, Brown, Bangs

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Sunsets in Paradise

I am a total sucker for natural beauty; Everywhere you go there are so many breathtaking scenes, beautiful examples of Mother Nature at her very best. It’s a triumph for the scences, a moment of awe, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the planet we live on. I am overcome by so many emotions when… Continue reading Sunsets in Paradise

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Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

Oh Friday, another week swiftly slipping away, and unfortunately disappearing with it is our time in Cambodia. I came to this country knowing hardly anything about it, with no expectations, with one goal; to see Angkor Wat. I’m now a mere 12 hours from leaving, my heart is heavy and I have an utter feeling… Continue reading Leaving Cambodia: I’m Packing Again

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Chasing Waterfalls

So Monday was my birthday and along with all the usual birthday festivities, I really had my heart set on seeing a waterfall. I have wanted to see one for so long now and I knew that May 23rd had to be the day. And luckily for me, I did! I don’t know what it… Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls

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If George Clooney Had a Spot, He’d Still Be George Clooney

Is it just me or does anybody else find how you look and how you feel go hand in hand? As much as I try to separate these two things, they constantly seem entwined and it’s something I really need to shake. Like right now! If I’m having a bad hair day, a bad skin… Continue reading If George Clooney Had a Spot, He’d Still Be George Clooney