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Nothing If Not Resourceful

Last week I was presented with, what I and many others I’m sure, would deem to be a ‘Worse Case Scenario’ situation… I ran out of hummus! And being the somewhat lazy, but altogether resourceful person I am, instead of running to the Co-op, I decided to raid the pantry and produce my own tasty… Continue reading Nothing If Not Resourceful

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All’s Well and Good in Midleton

I’ve been hearing a lot about Eat Real’s ‘Hummus Crisps’ lately. A deliciously, crispy snack derived from chickpea flour and flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices. If you are familiar with my work you will know I am a huge chickpea/ hummus addict, so knowing that such a snack existed, that I had… Continue reading All’s Well and Good in Midleton

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Easy Homemade Vegan Hummus

While in Chiang Mai recently I was able to feed my hummus addiction. I know it’s a huge vegan cliché to say ‘I love hummus’ but seriously, is there anything better that a huge bowl of creamy, chunky, thick, hummus? No! My favourite place to go when I was in need of a fix was… Continue reading Easy Homemade Vegan Hummus